What can 3 year olds typically do?

What should my child be able to do at age 3? She is able to write her name and most of the alphabet, etc. Just curious!


Singing, repeating, identifying colors, shapes, letters numbers. Verbally spell name.


You can’t compare children to eachother what one can do at 3 another might not do till they are 6…

But most should be able to repeat and recognize the letters of the alphabet numbers 1-10 maybe even higher
Recognize and identify colours and shapes.


Each child is completely different, and there are various websites on the internet that give you general guidelines on what you should expect to see.

However, I have a three year old so I figured I could share. My son can write his name in a very messy way, but he writes it as JoJo (his name is Joseph and we call him joe). He can also spell his name in the same way (JoJo). He knows maybe 40% of his alphabet if you point it out, and knows the difference between uppercase and lowercase. He cannot recite the alphabet song. He has full speech (but went through speech therapy because he was behind). He can’t some s beginning words and some l words (stop is top, Kimberlee is Kimberwee). He knows how to operate a phone and video chat his dad. He doesn’t even try coloring in the lines but that’s because he’s stubborn and likes pressing the crayon into the page as hard as he can. He can ride a bike with training wheels. He doesn’t know how to swim, but can get around in a pool just the same with a life jacket.

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What I just posted are mile stones every toddler who is normal should be at least hitting

I think most of it comes down to what the parents teach the child. Unless your child has mental disabilities, they should be able to do pretty much whatever you teach them. It doesn’t mean your child is any smarter than any other 3year old. Just shows that you take time to teach your child.

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Those are excellent things. Im a 4s teacher, I get most of them at about 3.5, I like for them to know all their letters when they see them, be able to count to 20 (with minimal mistakes but still expect trouble with 14-19), able to sit and listen for 10 minutes (for example sit through a story), able to follow a song, simple patterns, beginning to write (holding pencil correctly, can make a line, circle, etc), recognize their name im a group of names.


My 3 year old is insanely smart with a huge vocabulary and very good articulation skills and she can’t write her name or the alphabet.
Everyone, even at 3 years old, is very different. As long as there’s nothing causing you or the pediatrician to worry, I wouldn’t try to compare.


Also she should be potty trained. Seams like a real smart kid!:heart:


You can always google “3 year old milestones” online.

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How’s her talking ? Her climbing skills , that’s very good about the name writing & alphabet . Is she potty trained ? Does she know shapes and colours . Does she share toys ?

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Yun baby ko kpg nag ganyan sinasaway ko agad. Hahaa. Iba namn bisyo nya, haplos haplos sa balikat para makatulog kaya kapag matutulog si baby ay ako din dapat matulog din.:grinning:

Mine is 21mo and refuses to be verbal :woman_shrugging:

The only thing expected of my children at that age is to verbally communicate clearly. I believe in a child being a child, and do not force them to learn academics prematurely. Childhood is about learning through play. Learning their own limits. Learning body control, self control, rules.


Depends on he child. I had one who was reading by his 3 rd birthday and others who could say their alphabet but not write ( I have 4). I can say my oldest who wasn’t as advanced at 3 just got his doctorate

Know her full name and address and phone number in case she gets lost, know to not talk to strangers and yell stranger danger when a stranger approaches her. All the rest is what she will learn in preschool and kindergarten. WalMart has magazines for preschool levels for about 5 bucks that teach math and reading and such.

Also u can teach her life skills starting now. She is old enough to make her own sandwich, fold and each laundry, wash some dishes, sweep, pick up toys and books.

She will develop at her own speed. :roll_eyes: Why do we as mommies do this?

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My husband is a blessing.

Count to 10 unassisted …color identification…number recognition to 20