What can I do about a Bartholin cyst?

This is a bit TMI, but I have a Bartholin cyst. I’ve had one last year as well. They’re super, super painful for me. Especially this new one. It is hurting almost down my leg. My last one went away on its own after about two weeks. I’m hoping this one does the same but is there anything I can do to help with the awful throbbing pain? I have an appointment coming up on the 5th of November, so if it’s not gone, I’ll of course mention it to them.


I had one. It was HUGE. Did nightly warm baths and it finally popped on it’s on on the 5th day. I feel your pain! Once it busted, immediate relief!

Hot compress and see if they will call in antibiotics

Warm epsom baths will help. Or even placing a warm compress on it to bring it down.

I’ve seen that silica pills help in just a few days. Hot compresses, as hot as you can tolerate, will alleviate pain and swelling temporarily. I’ve used it for pilonidal cyst and it completely got rid of it.

If its bad, and recurring the your gyno can go in and drain it.

Oh god I had one of those once, it was awful. I had to sit in a hot bath with Epsom salt for a while and put a hot compress on it, it ended up popping after that.

I had one years ago. I went to ER first time and they drained it. The second time i went to my dr and he went in and removed half the gland. I used very hot compresses to eliminate the pain. Till pain got ao bad i couldnt take it anymore.

Hot compresses or soak in a hot tub.

Soak hot water , but mine never drained had to have it cut open an drained several time

Put a hot wet rag on it several times a day until it cools. The heat will help it open and drain

Hot pac (with in reason) applied 3 to 4 times a day and it will drain itself. Take over the counter pain relief pills, Tylenol or whatever.

Definitely mention it either way, I had to have mine removed…

Pain relievers & a wet towel over a heating pad is what I used to use. I eventually had to get it lanced in the ER, but it kept coming back until I had surgery. My OBGYN performed a marsupialization & that fixed it. Never came back.

I suffered from one right after I had an episiotomy and I thought I was going to die.
My doctor told me if it ever came back to go in right away before it burst so they could fix it so it wouldn’t keep re-occuring.
I’m so sorry you’re going through it. It’s the worst pain ever.

Tea Tree Oil! It has worked wonders for me!

It’s like a boil right? Tea tree oil, or tea tree oil body wash, warm compresses, real warm bath, white vinegar (burns like a mf but works)

I feel your pain! Warm compress, pain meds and really warm baths. I had them drained multiple times before finally getting the glands removed. Incredibly horrible pain. Hang in there! I went through 2 doctors and pushed to have the surgery.

I’m sitting in a hot bath right now with one. Second one in a month. Going to try the witch hazel and tea tree next

I just had to google it. Ouch!! That seems so painful!! I’m so sorry! I hope you can find some relief!