What can I do about a very gassy baby?

My baby girl is three weeks old and is incredibly gassy. She is on Soy Enfamil formula with some breastmilk feedings via a bottle. I lost 3 liters of blood during a postpartum bleed and was told my breastmilk may not come in fully yet due to being anemic, so I pump because it usually yields less than an ounce each session. I’m using Avent bottles and Gripe water. I’ve switched formulas, and Soy seems to be best. Anyone have any bottle suggestions or ideas to help my girl with all this gas? She burps and farts like my husband!!! Thanks, ladies!


Even though you don’t have a lot of milk still let her nurse from you as often as you can breast milk works on supply and demand the more you let her nurse on you the more milk you will have and drink a lot of water I nursed all 4 of mine and plan to do the same with nr. 5 in 2weeks and ass far as little baby goes look in to getting some gas drops for relief they sell them in the infant isle in most stores

Burp every once and make sure the baby burps. If your not getting her to gently place your hand on her back while the other supports her neck with hee chin between your index finger and thumb rest in them your forearm will be wear the baby leans against and take your other hand and gently message uowarde along the rib cage up to the babys shoulders. This worked on my boys and my father taught me this with my firat.
Now with our daughter my husband would gently tap going from her waist to her shoulders and that’s how we got her to burp. As she wouldn’t burp like her brothers.

If we didn’t burp her in between every once she would be in so much pain.

Mylicon or even generic baby gas drops work wonders. They were our saving grace.

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When my babies were little I had one that cried with tummy issues and my mil brought some of the soft peppermint candies and may a peppermint water with a small piece if one of those soft peppermint so desolved in some warm water. Helped instantly. Those peppermints became as important as diapers in my diaper bag lol

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I breast fed… The second I cut dairy out of my diet, my little girl settled right down… you’re doing a mix, but it is possible your baby is having lactose issues from your breast milk

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If it’s a lactose intolerance issue, it could be your breast milk affecting her. It was like that with my sister too.
Smaller feedings, more burp time and feeding position may help :slight_smile:

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Mylicon drops will help if the doctor determines its not a lactose issue. You can get them at Walmart, maybe family dollar any of those. My youngest had it really bad


I will tell you that all of my babies were gassy in the beginning and it eased up after several weeks. They were breast fed and/or formula fed and all of mine had short-term issues. I wouldn’t worry too much if baby seems good otherwise. A three-week-old is still adjusting to life outside the womb.

Myclon drops. I’m probably spelling it wrong, but they worked so much better than gripe water for my youngest. Too bad it took me like 5-6 months of a ticked off gassy baby

I had a preemie that had this issue—soy/breast milk also… smaller feedings more burping between. Prayers for you & your little one! Good luck!

Dr Browns Bottles…used them too over 15 years ago for my colicky & gassy baby and I have friends now who are still using them and they love them.

I wouldn’t say lactose because normally can’t know or find that out till they’re older; but more of a milk protein allergy. Switch to enfamil hypoallergenic formula for a week. (Keep pumping but store it in your freezer) and see if there’s a change. My daughter couldn’t tolerate my milk. We had to go to a GI SPECIALIST.

Have you tried switching to similar sensitive? I’ve heard for a lot of babies that still have issues on enfamil do better on the similac sensitive. I used it for my son and it worked wonders!

I used Dr. Brown bottles which made a huge difference. My baby didn’t handle soy formula well at all, I used the sensitive from Similac.

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Glass bottles and warm water with a round peppermint candy shake until red is gone the give it to her and burp every once


It could be the iron in the formula. Or if the bottles are not warmed then it could be harder for babies to digest.

Home remedy that my mom used on all my 4 babies. Chamomile tea, my babies never suffered colic. Just an ounce

We use Dr Brown & Playtex ventaire bottles w/slow flow. My son is few days shy of 2 months old. He’s pretty gassy as well. Breast milk wasnt doing it for him so I stopped. We are using Enfamil neuropro gentlease formula. We use gripe water and gas drops. Probiotic may help! We use those too!
Lots of burps in between feedings and if there are bubbles/foam in bottles let it settle before feeding.

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Our doctor said soy would cause constipation she put my son on similac alimentum

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Mamm bottles worked best on my granddaughter