What can I do about body ance caused from pregnancy?

Every pregnancy has been different for me as others, I’m sure! My third pregnancy and I got bad body acne (chest, shoulders,back of neck, and a little bit of my back) Any tricks or soaps/cleansers that someone can recommend! (I am in Canada so this may limit me to some)

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I’ve had to deal with bad body acne when I was pregnant with my daughter; I ended up using acne body wash which helped me. I used the neutrogena acne body wash.
The acne on my back was always a sure sign that I was pregnant too.

Man I just finished with this. Had my baby 5 days ago via cesarean and my face is already clearing up. My body is scarred up though which sucks :woman_shrugging:t2:my poor butt will never be the same

I swear by African Black soap

I had to use an astringent. Sea Breeze was the brand where I live. It helped so much!

Drops of tea tree in whatever body lotion you normally use

Witch hazel, rub it into your skin where the acne is & it’ll help. It also wont smell bad either

Tea tree oil and cypress oil. Tea tree for healing and cypress for tighter skin. You can use straight oils or put them in lotion of your choice. I’d use them straight. Works for me. Put about 10 drops of each in your bath and just soak. The acne will go in about 4 or 5 days used straight. Not sure how long in a bath but give it a go. Good luck.