What can I do about my 1 week old being constipated?

Dear moms, my babies are a week old and on formula, but he is suffering from constipation, any suggestions to relieve it?


Cal his doctor or put come Caro syrup in his milk

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Diluted apple juice helps, but I would definitely call the Dr if he’s only a week old.


Simithicone works wonders.

Put a teaspoon of brown sugar in there bottle, good old remedy and works! Done it on both my little ones when they went on formula

Not kidding. 2 oz of chocolate milk… worked for my baby

Most likely his system can’t tolerate the brand of formula, change the formula he could be lactose intolerant, or the formula has too much iron which constipates some babies, but also contact a pediatrician.


They make baby suppositories but might be too young. I’d video visit a pediatrician

My niece had that problem, her dr had given my sister this tube with like lube stuff to put it in her butt. But I have no idea what it’s called. I can ask my sis tomorrow but I am sure If you speak to your kids dr he will recommend something.

Even prunes.

Call your DoctorThe baby is a week old Don’t take any advice from anyone


Definitely call the pediatrician

Call the Dr. I would say the formula is the problem like the other person said. When my kids would have this problem I would walk 2 fingers around their belly or lay them over my knees on their belly and rock my knees back and forth to massage their stomach… Water down prune juice also works, they don’t need alot

My son had this problem, we had to change his formula and give him caro syrup. But every baby is different, definitely contact his doctor before doing anything. Depending on what type of health insurance you have, there might he a 24 hour nurse line available.

You have to be very cautious with what you give infants for constipation! Their bowels are not fully developed and could cause intestinal damage! Best to rely on your pediatricians advice.

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Chamomile tea if he was older but 1 week call doctor

Brown sugar and water mix it together is the only thing that helped my bub

Better ask the Dr. He sounds too tiny for juice, although that definitely helps for an older baby. It’s probably the brand of formula. You probably need something for sensitive tummies.

I used to put a little Vaseline on the tip of a q tip and massage it around my baby’s little bum. Not in his hole. It usually worked.

Ive heard an old wives tale about vaseline on a qtip and you lube up his butt canal to help the poop come out smoother . Google confirms that it’s a thing.

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I have 4 kids each one had issue with this at some point and the doctor recommended different things for each… so definitely contact you childs doctor