What can I do about my childs stinky feet?

I’m needing some advice! My 6-year-old daughter has the most stinky feet ever. This just started about a month ago! They stink so bad you can smell them through her shoes. We have tried powder in the shoes. We have made her change her socks when she comes home from school. I’ve tried everything. I called her doctor to see what maybe she could tell me to do. She said to wash her feet every day with dial soap… she takes a bath every day, and that’s what we use!! So that didn’t help. I don’t know what else to do. After I give her a bath, you can’t smell them, but she held them up to my face, and it’s like the smell is still there, obviously not as strong. Right before this happened, her shoes made every toe on the top real red like it was about to be a blister so we changed shoes for a few days, and it hasn’t happened since!


It’s probably the shoes.

Try putting deodorant on her feet

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I know of some that colored socks make the feet smell, especially black?

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Put baking soda in her shoes.

She needs plain white socks :slight_smile: sounds ridiculous but it works!

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Put her shoes on a shoe dryer it kills the bacteria and try cotton socks

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Try scrubbing with a foot brush underneath her toe nails

White socks only and baking soda in her shoes. Had the same problem with my daughter.

So it was the shoes??

She needs to wear different shoes daily and make sure to dry the shoes on a boot dryer in between wearing them. Some kids just have sweaty stinky feet but making sure the shoes she is wearing aren’t getting moldy and staying wet.

I know it sounds stupid but spray deodorant on her feet and make sure she always wears socks in her shoes.


Her little feet sweat, google, stay dry socks.
IDK exactly what they’re called or where to find them, my sister had to get them for her sons.

It sounds weird but spray vodka in shoes it will kill bacteria in shoes

I heard soaking your feet in black tea helps but I’ve never actually tried it

Thin socks thin material shoes

If her shoes has gotten wet it is most likely due to that ,change her shoes and see if that works

Make sure she dry her feet after her shower and put some powder
Also check for fungus or anything like that as sometimes it hides in between and that makes stinky feet normally

I would take her to a podiatrist. Since she had blisters, there may be a bigger problem. Just my opinion.

Apple cider vinegar foot soak kills fungus bacteria if present