What can I do about my chronic migraines while pregnant?

I suffer from chronic migraines, and I just found out I’m approx 4-5 weeks pregnant. I can no longer take my migraine preventive or treatment medications. Any suggestions on how to prevent and/or treat migraines that are safe for baby and me? I’m getting plenty of fluids and rest, taking a prenatal vitamin and eating healthy. Thanks in advance!


Just went thru this and ended up in the emergency room getting what they call a migraine cocktail and it’s helped tremendously

Daily caffine(no ot low sugar) with magnesium and vitamin b 12

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In the exact boat im 18 weeks though my dr says its okay to take advil or excedrin or tylenol advil is only okay for a certain time frame but not all the time

Take a b12 every morning. I too suffer from chronic migraines and that helped

I drank a monster, b12, and magnesium

I suffer migraines… I check my iron levels that can be a cause of it when it’s low, my doctor also prescribed me magnesium to help (you can get it over the counter too), Tylenol will only help sometimes, and I try to remember to stay hydrated

I had migraines so bad at the beginning of pregnancy that I would throw up several times. I just took meds to make me not throw up so much & tried to sleep as much as I could to avoid headaches.

Pain away migraine topical gel.

I took Topamax the whole pregnancy with both kids.
Did stadol Nasal Spray when I had migraines.
Increased water intake and tried to eat as well as possible

I just saw a product today on FB…its a clip type thing that you apply to the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger… it’s an acupressure point…the clip provides the pressure.

Talk to your doctor…not a facebook group

Magnesium oxide 2x a day, lots of water and smoothies with cinnamon in them.

I used vicks… Just rubbed it all over my forehead and would sleep it out :woman_shrugging: i tried it on accident and its been a go to ever since.

I have Chiari Malformation, so migraines are a part of everyday life. When I was pregnant, I was allowed my preventative and abortive until 20 weeks. After that I had to have caffeine, salt, magnesium, something for nausea (migrain nausea) and cold packs. It still wasn’t much relief, but better than nothing.


I would get migraines 3 to 4 times a week until i got my daith pierced, it has honestly been a life saver. I no longer get migraines with having it done.

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Go to thenewfind.com and look for acculief

You can take Tylenol during pregnancy. That might not be enough. This is a question for your OB they will know best what medications will be safe during your pregnancy.

I got the daith piercing for my migraine and I haven’t had one in over a year

I take amitriptyline for my migraine preventative and it’s safe to take during pregnancy