What can I do about my daughter lying all the time?

Ok so I have a six-year-old daughter about to be seven in November. She is constantly lying and manipulating everyone around her. She is so bad that almost everything out of her mouth is a lie or manipulation tactic. And no, I’m not exaggerating. She lies even though I know the truth. Its almost like she can’t help it, or doesn’t know she is doing it. I have seriously tried everything to try and get her to stop. But nothing is working!!! Any advice or ideas??? Please!!!


Have her watch pinocchio


Tell her to stick out her tongue and say if you lie there will be a blue line down the middle make her look in the mirror worked for my children

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She had to have learned from someone


If it my was my daughter I’d prob take her in to get some kind of therapy and go with her to see what to do … sorry your going through this parenting can get real hard not a bad thing to reach out for help if needed


I bagged everything in my daughter’s room up, and unplugged the TV until she stopped. She slowly earned the bags back with each week she didn’t lie.


Put soap on her tongue I do with mine they stopped

Maybe seek out a child psychologist. My step daughter did this and it only got worse the older she got. She lives in a different state now, but most likely has an undiagnosed disorder.


nip this in the bud…she’s to old for this to continue…soap in the mouth…lots of ways…but unless it’s going to make her want to stop…it won’t be severe enough…hurry.


I used to tell my daughter that could smell lies and I’d sniff her lol


I’m dealing with this aswell atm. My 7 year old (nearly 8) is constantly lying, I could literally watch her do somthing and she will then say she didn’t do it :woman_facepalming:
She has even stolen stuff at school and reckons her friends give them to her.
Money has gone missing from my wallet and I find out she’s ordered her lunch that day :thinking:
Once she come home with a gold locket and said she got it from the lucky dip. OBVIOUSLY I made her return it and explained how bad it is to steal and lie (still continues with the lie and even brings on the water works) :roll_eyes:
I’ve honestly thought as far as talking to the police to see if they can come and have a word with her about how what she is doing is not OK and if she was older she would be put in jail etc - I know this seems a bit far, but I’ve literally tried everything.
It literally scares me… And I will do what it takes to make sure she learns that what she is doing is not OK. I’ve got 3 kids - the other two are boys and I’ve never had this problem with them.
I’ve always tried my hardest to teach and show my children how to be and grow into good humans and my daughter makes me question my parenting 1000%


Where did she learn it from?

Lying is a normal part of human development in little kids. I am not excusing it. It is very frustrating. Do a little reading about it and it may inspire a little grace.


I got caught lying to my mom ONCE and she beat my ass with a belt. I never lied to her again lol

Does she have a favorite place she likes to go to or favorite things she likes to do tell her you’re going to do that and when it comes time to do it tell her no I lied. Tell her you’re going to have her favorite dessert after dinner when dinner’s done and she expects her dessert tell her no I lied, see lies have consequences.


Pediatric therapy is great. Most insurance covers a couple sessions if you get pediatrician referral.

My 8 year old son had really bad control issues. It actually stemmed from anxiety that he’s been learning to manage through therapy.

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There is such thing as a compulsive liar. If you really think she is doing it and can’t help it then I’d seek a behavioral therapist


Well if it’s that bad you should probably get her some counseling.

If i catch my son in a lie he does a wall sit :woman_shrugging:t2: :rofl:

But i reiterate to my son. 98% of the time you wont get in trouble with me if ya own up to it. Its called accountability.

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