What can I do about my daughters behavior?

Does anyone know anything about “smearing”? I have only heard it mentioned once, and I think it was in this group. It may have been about Autism, but can it go along with ADHD? I have an 11yo ADHD daughter who in the past has wiped boogers and poop on the bathroom wall, poop on the shower curtain, and once on the bathroom towel. She would never admit it was her, but by process of elimination, I know it was. Now she just started her period; this is her second cycle. For the past three days, I have found blood on the bathroom towel, even after saying something about it. She still will not admit it. How do I approach this? She has always acted disgusted when someone finds one of these smears and doesn’t seem embarrassed. She is also bedwetting and wears pull-ups. Every morning when she takes it off, she drops it in the hallway outside of her bedroom door where everyone can see and smell it. It doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. She would leave it for days and let them pile up if I let her. I give her the same lecture every day, and it doesn’t seem to do any good.


Have you tried doing an evaluation on her

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Not much she can do about blood on a towel, where do you think it would go when she dries herself


Sorry this is happening. I would make an appt with the dr who manages her adhd


Don’t let her use the bathroom alone and make her throw out her pull ups. Those things are absolutely not ok and she’s old enough to know better. If not maybe it’s more than adhd.


Psych consult and psychologist.


She needs professional help. Good luck


Perhaps she has more then adhd…


Last I checked, ADHD doesn’t mean zero sense of basic hygiene.


Maybe you should have your daughter diagnosed by a different doctor…that seems more like autism … not ADHD


U need to get her evaluated hun and figure out ways to properly help her rather than just lecturing cuz clearly the lectures aren’t doing anything for her. She doesn’t seem to realize just how wrong or unhygienic it is so maybe speaking with a therapist could help


Yeah she needs some type of help asap I think there’s other things going on here besides ADHD


Definitely get her reevaluated it sounds to me like she might actually be on the spectrum rather than just adhd


Put a bin right outside her door, and put fidget toys in the bathroom. I used to peel the paint off the wall cuz I was soooooo bored in the bathroom. Also, paper and finger paints in the bathroom might help too

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Well first i would suggest getting a pack of baby wipes and setting them in the bathroom and let her know that they are for her use when she goes to the bathroom and during her periods to help her stay clean. It almost seems like she is trying to seek some attention…even if it isnt good attention. Has she always been like this or did it start recently after a life event (divorce, death in the family, loss of a pet, school going all virtual) it almost sounds like something may have triggered her need for attention…i hope for the best for you


What else is going on besides ADHD, why is an eleven year old in pull-ups there are things wrong and you need a professional to evaluate the situation.


If you feel like your child has special needs I would totally consult your family physician or someone who could help you to have your child accessed. I’m sure it scary but having the right diagnosis will help you to get the right people in your corner. An OT or therapist can help you manage all of these issues and teach basic life styles like hygiene and so on. I can’t imagine it easy momma but trust your gut :heart:


It can fall in with adhd if her brain is preoccupied…I’m presuming you mean she’s getting blood on the hand towel which implies she’s not washing her hands???
if the lectures aren’t working…maybe a step by step chart (you can get them made specifically) as a reminder of what’s expected in the bathroom before she leaves and don’t clear up after her, ALWAYS make her go back and clean up any smearing, use bin, wash her hands…hopefully she will get fed up and do it the first time.

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My daughter has ADHD and does not do these things, I think you should talk with her Dr

Sounds like it’s more then ADHD

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