What can I do about my daughters behavior?

I would talk to her ped. Seems like something else is going on. At that age if there is nothing else going on then I would have her clean up after herself, clean the walls, towels etc

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Sounds like a sensory issue to me. My child was also diagnosed with ADHD and is being reevaluated at 11. Maybe she’s using a towel down there because she feels cleaner? Or she’s not getting it all with toilet paper?

Behavior Analyst here :wave:t3: in order to properly address these behaviors I’d highly recommending seeking a behavior support person in your area. Someone needs to identify the function of this behavior and an appropriate replacement. I’d suggest you ask yourself “what is my child trying to communicate with this behavior”- could be a deficit in asking for help when she can’t clean properly, there may be a sensory component she enjoys, etc.


That’s way more than adhd, especially needing pull ups, also at 11 she shouldn’t be smearing anything on walls or towels. Go to a psychiatrist and if that doesn’t work give her one good ass whooping. Sometimes kids need a good spanking

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Does she wear pull ups only at during the night bc of bedwetting? My son has ASD and was a smearer when he was younger. I was finally able to get him to stop when I brought in a trash bag and made him throw away all his things he covered in poo. Some were his favorites. Lots of cars, trucks, etc. I was done, after about the 40th time, cleaning poo out of the little nooks and crannies on his things. It was harsh and I felt terrible about it but it had to be done. He was around 6-7 years old. I would talk to your pediatrician as there may be some other underlying issues.

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I have been through this and completely understand everything your going through. My inbox is open.

This is not ADHD. There is more going on. Professional opinion.


She’s 11 and in pull-ups. She needs to see a doctor. She should be old enough to not have to use them. I think there is far more than ADHD here.


This sounds more like a child on the autism spectrum rather than ADHD… she needs a evaluation.


I think you should speak to your pediatrician bc it sounds like there’s other issues involved here!

Have you gotten her tested ?

Normally I would say wanting attention…but doesnt sound like that…talk you your doc sweetie

Sounds like she has some serious needs, anyone her age would clean up properly but seems she dosent understand how too, how old is she?

But speaking as a parent from a special needs child…no she need to clean I tnn up

My son is a 16 year old who has high functioning autism … He still has issues with wiping and keeping clean when he does the #2 I feel your pain sweetie … Repitition is what works best with him …

It definitely goes with ADHD we went through the same thing with my brother when he was younger but he grew out of his

These negative comments kill me. The people saying that is not normal for ADHD obviously don’t know anyone with that condition. That is very common thing that happens. I agree talking to your doctor is the best option. There are many medications out there that can really help. I know many parents don’t want their child medicated but sometimes it really is the best thing for them. Praying for your family, I hope you receive answers soon.


Definitely more than ADHD. People with ADHD, in my experience that I’ve been around, have never displayed that behaviour. I would definitely speak to a doctor as it sounds like it may be autism.

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My daughter did this with diapers when younger, and even at 11 she is terrible with wiping. While she leaves trash everywhere, and her pads too often get left by the wastebasket, she hasn’t smeared blood anywhere that I know of (knock on wood). She is both ADHD and ASD.