What can I do about my ex indirectly threatening me?

Long story short, I was in a domestic abuse relationship and left it he was arrested, and we went to court multiple times for assaults on me, he was found guilty and was ordered to pay fines and do courses and a 2-year restraining order, that runs out this year. In his last attack on me, he got his friends to be his alibis, and I was arrested for perverting the course of justice and released under investigation (this was in 2018), and the police still don’t have a conclusion or update for me. He’s always writing posts, but because he doesn’t mention my name the police won’t do anything, but they are clearly directed at me, on one of these posts he says ‘you think you’ve got a great life, it’s about to get a whole lot worse’ and ‘you don’t know what’s coming’ and his mum wrote ‘wait until I see her’ But once again my name isn’t mentioned, but it’s clearly about me. He was ordered by his judge not to see our daughter. He hasn’t seen her for two for nearly three years. I had to move to another city to get away from him, but my family still lives in his city, and I visit them as they do me, and it’s leaving me scared to go see them. And worried that something bad is going to happen because of the status’s, and it’s driving me into a state of depression again. I’ve explained to the police, but they won’t do anything, what other options do I have?


Stop looking at his Facebook :woman_shrugging: block him and move on with your life.


That and don’t go to the town he’s in. Your family will just have to come visit you.


When he comes at you, shoot him.


Loose your number, go hide and don’t come out from him

Easy get a gun to carry he comes near you shoot his ass

Have you seen the movie Enough? Learn to defend yourself and child. Always be alert and document every little thing! God bless you and stay safe!


Simple, walk with pepper spray ,a gun,a knife,a shank… but make sure you know how to use it and dont punk out!!!


If you’re in a new town be sure and show local police the restraining order. Do not visit his town. Caution family not to let him know where you are.

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Install video cameras and alarm systems. Have your place ready for him. I agree with the others learn how to defend yourself. Maybe even learn how to shoot. If you’re a truly threatened for your life and your daughter’s life and nobody will help you, then you have to learn how to help yourself.


Keep fighting the problem with the laws are they can get away with it till u end up seriously hurt or dead then it’s why didn’t u do anything about record evidence defend yourself u are you’re daughter’s voice stand up and fuck the law.

Best to delete all old friends that might talk to him. If you want to remain friends with some then you will have to know they might share or mention your doings.

You have to cut all ties with him.


Get a carrying permit, a small handgun, (of course take classes) and keep it where you can get to it if you need it but somewhere your child can’t get to it


Are you in U.S.A. Sorry do not know how protection works over there, but you need a good Policeman and a Private Eye would help as well.

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If I was in this situation I would focus on yourself emotionally. As hard as it is don’t look at his status’s he’s putting them there because he knows you’ll see them and react. Ignore the messages, change your number if needed. Focus on yourself and your daughter.


Get protected. Go train and get concile and carry a gun. Get cameras for your home. So that way you and your daughter are both protected.


Leave the state and don’t tell anybody for you and your daughter’s sake

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I have had the exact same thing happen to me. You need to get the court to agree to a 5 year restraining order to not contact you and no contact through friends, not aloud with in 5 miles from your area don’t mention address as he will be given it just say area, Also contact health visitors to make a transfer to social so they can get you all the flags on your address and panic buttons as well as other help. Like schools on stand by if he goes there to pick up his child from school as they can’t stop him if he is on birth certificate. My health visitor help me and saved myself and my daughters life for all the help she gave us. Good luck to you and I pray you get all the help you need. :pray: in the mean time take screen shots of all things you think are about you even if it doesn’t have your name on. Also recorded as much as you can and send to a family member so they can keep hold of the proof rather then you and him finding out. Dates times and places.

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Can you go and get the restraining order extension. Show the court all the posts, make sure you print everything and keep in a safe place. Do not go back and see friends or relatives. If relatives come to visit tell them to make sure they aren’t followed. Definitely get a concealed carry permit. Good luck, prayers :pray: :pray::pray: :pray: coming your way

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I’d definitely look into self defense classes and Conceal carry classes. Empower yourself! Don’t allow him that control!!

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