What can I do about my ex not paying child support?

Co-parenting question: what do you do when the other parent refuses to contribute financially (no cs ordered) and only has his children for one 24hr period a week. He doesn’t ask for them ever. His mother sees my oldest more than he does. And when he is asked to help financially, he is always broke, yet just bought a $3,000 ring for his new GF/fiancé/whatever who he has been dating for two months (keep in mind my engagement/wedding ring I had to wait two years for, only cost $300 and his mother paid for it… :roll_eyes:). I’m so tired of pretending to be okay with this… what do I do???


I think it’s time to get it court ordered


File for child support?


Um go to court and get a child support order!!! :woman_shrugging:t2: that is a common sense question there…


Get it court ordered, that money should go to his children before it goes into a ring . Get it court ordered so that he is forced to pay it . Put your foot down, you didnt make those kids on your own .

Get a Child Support Order. Theyll take it from his check.

Go to court. That should’ve been done already.


Do you! Don’t worry about him and his share. Focus your energy in a different direction. You can’t fix him nor his relationship with his kids. All you can fix is what you have control over.


What do you do? Go get court ordered child support.


Document. Document. Document. Court.


Go to court and do a child support order asap

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Go to court, get child support. If he wants visitation, then they can discuss it at his expense.

Court ordered… If he mediated that would be smarter… If he has to go and argue with the judge about how broke he is…he will not win… Course I’m still waiting 13 yrs later for the card to even come in the mail. Attorney General without a good lawyer really can be a waste of time in the longrun. If he don’t want to pay. Then he can work around the system

Get a court order and if he has a steady job make sure you get a garnishment on his wages… I mean really if he’s not paying child support and doesn’t see this coming then he’s an idiot … good luck to you …

I had state benefits, insurance, food stamps etc when the child was lil they took it from him through the state court order. He owes over 25k they just started taking from his retirement benefit this past year lol he’ll pay a little on it each month until he dies probably.


It’s called court ordered support and back support.

Depending what State you’re in you can go to an attorney, or you can go to Child Support Enforcement office and open a case.

Get a court order but really…don’t depend on him. Do whatever you can to make yourself and your child financially, physically and emotionally independent.

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Sounds normal men’s midlife crisis lol Conract the Chimd support Agency or your Taxation people and get his wages Directly deducted from his wage that’s how we Do it in Australia

Go to the court and file for child support, which you can do with out a lawyer. Support and visitation are two separate courts.

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