What can I do about my holding his bowels?

Has anyone had issues with their child holding their bowel movements? My almost four years old says his tummy hurts almost daily but doesn’t ever really want to use the potty. When he does use the potty, his bowels look like he is either dehydrated or backed up. He has started going almost daily, but it still looks the same. We tried to give him a small amount of prune juice but only worked once, then he was back to the issue. He drinks a lot of water throughout the day. I’ve been told he’s just holding it in or eating too much fruit. Any advice would be appreciated. TIA


No issues with bowel holding, but my daughter was chronically constipated. Probiotics helped.

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Tiny bit of prune juice mixed with some type of juice he actually likes. He will NOT be able to hold it lol

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Could be an anxiety issue

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Does he eat a lot of dairy? My children had a dairy issue and it made it hard for them to go so we switched to almond milk and limited other dairy products

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This is something you need to discuss with a doctor.


He may need to see a GI doctor

My daughter did this. She was afraid to go poo. The Dr prescribed some laxative untill going became normal and she stopped holding it

More water. less juice, meat, dairy and processed foods

children fiber gummies have done so much for our 3 year old.

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Dr. You may need an abdominal xray to check for impacted fecal matter.

Give a half cap of mom in apple juice or water. Have him sit on the potty for five minutes after eating as best as you can. Have him see his primary doctor and see if a GI specialist needs to be involved. Also start watching how he reacts after having an dairy products, you want to eliminate all other possibilities.
Best luck. Warm baths help alot

Honestly raspberries work the very best for my kids. They are very high in fibre and help with our stomach problems. Get him to eat an entire container or more if possible if fresh raspberries, and in smoothies!!!

He could be diabetic

Yes a good probiotic/prebiotic combo worked wonders for my grandson. Research them they are all not a good quality and don’t work.

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Pear juice and probiotics worked really well. My son held his bowels from the toilet. He was scared and the first time he actually went on the toilet(he was backed up) and had extremely hard bm and it hurt him. Therefore he associated pooping in the toilet would always hurt so he would literally grab his bottom to hold it in out of fear. He eventually got it once it took a lot of coaxing. Have him take pear juice and probiotics. If that doesn’t work, a stool softener.

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Try Children’s probiotic gummies worked for my daughter she was either constipated or had diarrhea till she started those

talk to his pediatrician

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You should take this to your doctor not here.


This is something that needs to be brought to his pediatricians attention. It could be something serious like encopresis.

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