What can I do about my husband not taking the kids on his weekends?

What can I do about my ex husband not taking the kids on his weekends? We have a court order that states he is to take them every other weekend and he never shows to pick them up. Can I get his rights terminated?
can I do about my ex husband not taking the kids on his weekends? We have a court order that states he is to take them every other weekend and he never shows to pick them up. Can I get his rights terminated?


That’s not grounds for termination. If there were other issues, possibly. Take him back to court and he will be held in contempt for violating court orders.


You could and if he don’t take the kids on his weekend go to the court house

Theyll probably give you supervised visitations… But who knows. Up to the judge really.

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It’s hard to terminate rights. All you can do is keep a record of it and if he wants more visitation fight him on it. You can’t force a guy to be a dad.


Cant get him for abandonment unless theres no contact for 6 months…no cs nothing…


Nothing you cannot make the non custodial parent use their parenting time.
You can document it and ask for reduced visitation after a year. You can file abandonment if he goes 6+ months without any contact or paying support. Not a whole lot you can do to make someone be a parent though.


Not that it really matters but, why doesn’t he get them? Does he pay child support? Document and take him to court.

Never force anyone to be a parent to your child. They either want it on their own or they don’t and when they don’t your child could suffer physically or emotionally. Get your child a counselor to talk to about it if he had issues. Help you child heal from the rejection but don’t force them into a relationship of rejection


Be sure to keep a notebook documenting everything. When I got divorced in 1987 an older gal who had been divorced many years prior gave me two pieces of advice

  1. never let them think the weekend off from kids matters because they will attempt to sabotage it

  2. if it matters and you need time off from kiddos then have a back up plan! Have some lined up to watch the kids. Everyone needs a break

The idea of documentation comes from working several years for a family attorney.

It’s tough especially if kids were counting on the non custodial parent to show up.

My dad was always available to be there. He was their father figure growing up.


I think if you document it well enough they could be ordered to pay more support if you take it back to court since you have them for more of the shared time than was originally agreed.

Mine stopped visiting. I was told by my lawyer to just go with my life. If he wants visitation again he can take me back to court for it. If he does I’ll just tell the judge how he didn’t follow through last time. A judge isn’t going to charge a man with abandonment or contempt. He admitted in court he hadn’t seen my kids for 4 years prior to our latest agreement.


No but u can get it where u have full custody of the children.

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File a contempt of court


Absolutely nothing but keep documented records. If I violated the court order I’d be arrested. It sucks so much not gonna lie. See if his family wants to visit the kids on his time, that might help you get some “you time.”

If he gets his rights taken that means no cs either

You generally cannot force the other parent to exercise his or her visitation if you have full custody of your child. Visitation is considered a “right”. Similar to other rights – such as voting – you have the ability to exercise your right but can’t be penalized for choosing not to exercise that right. Your right can be taken away from you only for good cause. In contrast, supporting your child is a responsibility. A responsibility – such as paying taxes – can be forced upon you if you choose not to honor that responsibility. The Court has the ability to force the Obligor to pay child support even if he or she doesn’t want to.

If he doesn’t want them, why force them to be with him? He’d make them feel like crap.


Keep great records. After a year take him back to court and ask for more child support. Your support is based on visitation. How much time the children spend with each parent. I kept records of all the missed visitation and the court increased my support payments

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I would have them terminated due to fact it extremely horrible mental abuse for the child