What can I do about my toddler banging his head on the ground?

My son is 18 months, and he won’t stop banging his head on the ground. He’s not forcefully doing it, but he does it enough to hear the hardwood floors we have. Is this normal?? I’m worried he’s going to end up stupid or something. I do spank him for it, but he thinks it’s funny stuck on what to do.

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I want to believe its normal for their age. Mine is 19 months old and he does the same thing on the floor,doors, in his high chair and car seat!

Mine did the same at his age. Hes 3 now and grew out of it around 2ish

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Did you seriously just ask if your child will end up STUPID? :flushed:. No head banging is something a lot of children do. Sometimes it’s sensory related sometimes it’d frustration sometimes it’s simply a phase to get attention. Don’t hit him for it for heaven’s sake. Redirect him and don’t make a big deal of it.

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Our 3 yr old is a head banger. He does it when he’s going to sleep though but jeez he’s so rough about it we warned the daycare lady lol hes not mentally affected by it he’s super smart for 3. Our 2 yr old throws herself back or forward when she’s having a temper tantrum (she’s a bit dramatic lol) I just let her do it and ignore her or send her to her room. I dont punish her I just dont feed into it.


It’s normal! My oldest did it on walls, chairs, really anything and she could and do it over and over like almost as if she was testing herself but my thoughts are your babe is fine I was worried too like wondering what was wrong with my kid :joy: but it was just a faze and she’s a funny loving healthy sensitive energetic little 3yr old now.

My son has autism and use to do this all the time. Just ignore it. Yes it sounds mean but the doctor told me to do that and it helped. He thinks he’s gonna keep getting attention when he does it. I usually have to walk out room when he did it cause I just wanted to get him to stop but he would stop on his own soon after I left room.


It’s a phase. If it hurts bad enough he will stop.


My daughter banged her head on the wall and her pediatrician advise us to ignore her because they are looking for attention (good or negative attention). Worked for us. We would ignore her and she stopped doing it at all

There are sometimes related to sensory issues and autism. Sometimes evaluations from neurologist are helpful to guide you in the right direction.

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I would bring it up to the doctor. My daughter find son did this and it was scary to watch him he did have some issues. And was doing play therapy to redirect him.

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He’s causing himself pain and so you spank him? Ever ask yourself if that really makes any sense at all?

Just ignore him when he does it. He will stop. If ever it gets bad enough where there’s heavy banging, enough to cause harm, get him evaluated. They’ll only do it for so long, normally.


My daughter is 18 months and has been doing it since she was around 9 months. When she gets frustrated and head buts the floor we do a 2 min timeout and then explain why that’s not the best way to express anger. Its helped alot. She doesnt for nearly as often as she used to. Our dr said it’s totally normal for toddlers since they dont have alot of ways to express themselves. It’ll pass.

Ignore him when he does it, pick him up and move him to softer ground. He’s doing it because she gets a reaction out of you.

My 16 mo old does it with the wall. Lightly, doesn’t hurt himself just enough to make me worry he will. I’m convinced he likes the sound because it’s slightly hollow. I say no you’ll hurt yourself but he just laughs. I don’t think spanking them for it Is the right move because I feel like it’s normal ish or could be done for a lot of reasons and they’re little…

I think the kid is just trying to explore and that’s normal. He could be having fun listening to the sound or just getting to know the feeling of his head bumping into hard surface. My kid did that too when she was younger. Just make sure he doesn’t overdo it and hurt himself.

Ignore it. Maybe he is wanting attention, good or bad. Dont look at him. Dont speak to him. Maybe he will stop if he isnt getting a reaction.

It is a phase. All kids do it. Some just learn faster to not continue. Dont react to it.

Talk to your pediatrician about the behavior… and the punishment. pretty sure they’ll tell you the first is normal…but the second is abusive. How about don’t hit your kid? :upside_down_face:


Yes does seem to be a common thing in children. Doesn’t mean they’ll be stupid and they really shouldn’t be punished for doing it, certainly not physically.

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