What can I do for a cold sore while pregnant?

Curious as to what you mamas do for cold sores while pregnant. I only usually get them while pregnant. But if I do get them while I’m not pregnant, I take lysine right away, and it usually helps. I think this one is a little too far progressed for lysine to work, but I was wondering if any of you mamas took it while pregnant? I know on the bottle it says not too because there haven’t been enough studies, but I can’t get in to see my doctor get Valtrex until Monday


As crazy as it sounds mix Coconut oil and Oil of Oregano together then use it on the cold sore. That’s my go to along with Herpecin L


Use Abreva for your cold sore.

Camphophenique is awesome. Mine are usually gone really fast.

Liquid campophenique, several times a day And keep your lips extremely dry

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Abreva or get antivirals from your doctor.

Also be sure not to kiss your baby, herpes can kill a infant

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Hardly anything works for me anymore I’ve had them ever since I was 11. The only thing that does work is Carmex Cold Sore Treatment, usually has mine gone in at least three days with persistent use. If you apply it as soon as you feel that tingly sensation of a cold sore starting to pop up, it stops the growth immediately and the cold sore won’t even form.

This might sound strange to some, but it is how my husband cured his from ever breaking out again. Dip a Q-tip in bleach and apply to it.

Idk about using it while being pregnant but if you are near a dollar general they have this stuff called rexall cold sores and I Love it, it burns like crazy but it dries them out quick!

Acyclovir is safe during pregnancy.

Use coco butter. … The stuff in the small round plastic tub. …

Abreva. But honestly I just let it go through it course when pregnant.

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I used camphophenique it work good are you can put vicks on it to it work good a lot of people dont do it because of the . Smell of it .but it work good if you do it all the time .

I thought valtrex was for genital herpes. In that case Dr’s should have started u on that the u got pregnant. There’s a lot of remedies and over counter meds for cold sores around lips, that’s what I call them.

I’ve dealt with cold sores my whole life and trying everything to get rid of them fast. Abreva never worked for me and Carmex made mine worse. I’m a huge fan of Lysine when I first feel one come on but if I’m too late taking it, the fastest way I have gotten rid of one is SALT. To get rid of a cold sore, it needs to dry and scab up before it starts to heal. It sounds crazy but I wet my finger then dip it in salt and press it against my cold sore. Yes, it will sting. But doing that a few times will dry your cold sore up quickly and start it’s healing process. Good Luck!

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Use vicks vapor rub. Works quicker and cheaper than anything i have tried

I put rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer on mine. Stops it from spreading

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Tea tree oil helps especially as soon as you feel a tingle. If you don’t get to it in time it will help with the healing process and keep it from getting gooey. If it’s too far gone there’s not much you can do but use topical stuff like abreva or carmex to keep it feeling decent.

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I used this while pregnant several times a day and it works wonders. Cleared up in a day or two

I put a ice cube on it and it stops it from getting big .