What can I do for cradle cap?

I need help with the cradle cap on my 3-month-old and ways to keep it clean and moisturize. I tried Vaseline, but it made it too greasy

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Following. My 6 month old still gets it.

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I used a little drop of baby oil and a very soft toothbrush and just brushed it away in a gentle swirling way

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Dandruff shampoo is what my daughter’s ped suggested

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My son is 8 and still has it​:grimacing::grimacing: we done the baby oil and comb.

Every morning I put baby oil on my sons scalp, “scrubbed” his head with a soft bristle baby brush, then bathed him every night. It was gone in just a couple days and never came back.

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Coconut oil is what we used.

Coconut oil and a baby brush/comb

Baby oil let it sit for a while then use a soft brush and rub around wash out and try that for a few days

Breast milk if you are nursing! It worked wonders on my baby.

Dandruff shampoo! Make sure not to get in in their eyes though.

With both my kids we had to let it kind of run its course. We used the soft head scrubbing brushes and actual shampoo instead of all in one baby stuff but if it isn’t bleeding it isn’t the hugest deal in the world.

I juat ran a brush through my daughters hair during every shampoo until it went away. Took a while but worked!

I used a little bit of olive oil and a soft brush.

I scrubbed my babys head until all foamed up and heavily lathered (obviously gentle as could be), then rinsed. Got rid of it all, no picking, and never came back.

My doc recommended before the babies bath, rub baby oil on her head and let it soak for 15 minutes. The brush in small circles with a brush then give her a bath!!

Leave it alone. It will go away all by itself in time. It does not bother them. Wash him up (not too often) moisturize his head. Thats all thats needed.

Coconut oil or breast milk.

For my oldest I just used the cradle cap brush.

I used almond oil and put on a hat and brush it off after a few hours

Breastmilk worked for us!