What can I do for diaper rash that keeps coming back?

What can I do for a really bad diaper rash? My 2 month old has had issues with rashes since he was born and nothing I seem to do is helping. Is it possible he is having allergic reactions to his diapers? I am willing to try anything at this point. Thanks!


My daughter had food allergies. The rash came with those.

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His Pediatrician will give him an ointment with Steroids. Good Luck.

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I’m youngest was really sensitive to any diaper besides huggies. And he would get yeast infections not diaper rashes. Once we figured those 2 things out, it got easier.

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Huggies gave my daughter a horrible rash change diapers and see if it helps good luck


Yes I had to switch to cloth. Also try seventh generation or any brand that says chlorine free.

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Try different brands of diapers. Also, talk to the pediatrician about it. There may be an underlying condition such as food allergies causing the rash to reoccur.

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Try using water wipes! My pediatrician recommended them when my child had a diaper rash and it helped!


He may be allergic to the formula he is on. Talk to your pediatrician.

I would check anything that you guys have changed since the rashes occured. For instance, if the diapers are a new brand try switching back and see if it goes away. If you’re trying new foods, go back to one that never gave you trouble. My son would always have bad reactions to lavendar/chamomile scented soap so I have to use hypoallergenic soaps. But as always, talk to your Dr asap to make sure its not something serious!

Could be a yeast infection , could talk to your doctor about nystatin you can get it in powder or cream :slight_smile:

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Try Aveeno baby dermexa. My daughter had a rash and I used this for a few days worked perfectly. Cleared the rash brilliantly but every baby is different. If it persists doctor can give a steroid cream.

Cornstarch works wonders !

Try putting a layer of triple antibiotic ointment on bottom then put a layer of Desitin cream overtop of the ointment. If it is just a rash this may help. Always worked with my boys.

Sprinkle corn starch on with every diaper change and very frequent changes

Yes diapers can give rashes and formula too. And baby wipes can too. Both of my boys can only use sensitive wipes. Try oatmeal baths. It works on both of my boys.

All the above and let your kid be naked for a little while in a controlled environment. Sometimes they need to be aired out a little.

Pampers gave my son a rash. We switched to target’s up&up brand and loved them

You might let the child go naked. It could help get air to the area.

Add baking soda to the bath water. And use corn starch instead of the baby powders. I agree also with the yeast comment could be part of it. You can use plain yogurt to help with yeast or the dr could give a prescription if it is yeast