What can I do for extremely dry lips?

Anyone else dealing with or have any quick solutions for extreme chapped lips? No matter what I use I can’t get it to heal up. Already using Chapstick and Petroleum Jelly.


Diaper cream is what my mum always used on us before bed and it was good by morning

Find this product I promise it works

Put Vaseline on EVERY NIGHT before you go to bed…ive done this for years and can’t go to sleep without doing it first…also aquaphor works well…make sure you drink plenty of water to throughout the day…dry lips can be a sighn of dehydration!

Drink water, you need to hydrate. I find eos helps me, but it’s not for everyone

Drink a lot of water and apply aquaphor consistently throughout the day.

Kylie skin makes a lip mask that has changed my life!! I have the nicest lips now!!

Water. Sounds crazy but I always know when in really dehydrated bc my lips get so dry they crack. And vaseline

I exfoliate to get the dead/dry skin off and then use a cbd lip palm. I swear by it and use the lip balm daily. My lips have never been more plump, moisturized, or healthy.

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Coconut oil and drink more water.

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You could be dehydrated or the air could be dehydrating your lips. If patroleum jelly isn’t working then I would drink more water and get a humidifier. The air could be the reason

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Water, a non abrasive lip scrub, and a lip balm not ChapStick

I hear nipple cream works really well.

I put Eucerine lotion on mine at night when they get chapped

My lips get so dry they crack and bleed. NOTHING worked for years until I tried this. It literally healed them overnight and is amazing.

I’ve tried everything else, lip scrubs, Vaseline, lanolin etc. This beats them all 100%.

Don’t lick your lips, use a lip exfoliating scrub, and see about finding a medicated chapstick… try out different brands. Not all chapsticks are the same.

I find gluey lip glosses work well; you just have to put paper towels over your pillow to avoid stains. If it’s due to medications, ask your doc for suggestions, though when I had that problem he said keep Chapsticks EVERYWHERE so they’re always handy, and that’s still not working for you.

Anything with beeswax and natural ingredients.

I apply the carmex that comes in the round container, every night even if my lips aren’t chapped so it helps prevent it from happening or getting bad when the weather is windy/dry.

Burts bees lip balm or plain old vaseline