What can I do for eye strain?

I work from home and am constantly staring at a computer screen. At the end of work, my eyes are killing me and are so strained. Is there anything I can do to make them feel better or prevent this from happening?


Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break and look at least 20 feet away. Keep your distance: Make sure your computer screen is positioned at least an arm’s length away from your face.

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I get migraines when I’m staring at a screen for hours on end and have to wear these. They really help me.

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I’ve heard blue light glasses are amazing for this


Blue light glasses. I bought a 3 pack for cheap off Amazon at the onset of the pandemic and it has saved my eyes. No more headaches or eye strain.

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I had the same thing! I was miserable by the end of the day!! My sister told me to use blue light glasses and I haven’t had an issue since! I got mine off Amazon! They aren’t expensive either!!

I believe they also make screens for your screen, to help dim the lighting of it.

I broke down and got
Blue light glasses and they are fantastic! I even wear them while driving with snow, it helps cut the brightness down

Blue light glasses. Kids who play video games all day should wear them as well.

I order some of the blue light glasses. They do work and I’m happy with them, I work 5+ hours a day on the computers.

I was gonna say breaks and the blue light glasses but get a good pair

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You have to step away every 30 mins …from the screen

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I broke down and went to the eye doctor and got blue light stuff in my glasses and I haven’t had issues since.

Go to an Optometrist. You need glasses.

I have blue light reading glasses at the office & at home. Slightly stronger pair at home since my laptop is smaller

Best to get your eyes tested to make sure there’s nothing wrong

I turn the bluelight off on all of my devices, otherwise migraines, constant!

Blue light lenses are great for that. Also take a break from your screen for a few minutes after 30 min screen time atleast. Eye refreshing drops every few hours helps as well…

I am an OSH rep for my work. This is a good read for everyone to have a peek at to help relieve strain.

Blue light glasses have helped me a ton!