What can I do for hair loss after having kids?

So after I had kids, I started losing so much hair, and I’m going crazy because Idk what to do, and I wanna know what’s best to use to get you’re hair back?


Have a balanced diet, take supplements. Try to not think about it too much as stress won’t help. Caffeine shampoo can help stimulate the hair follicles but can be expensive. You can add coffee grounds to your normal shampoo or massage into the scalp directly before rising. Good luck and remember having a baby can take it out of you but you will recover and its worth it! Eyeshadow can be used to make your hair look thicker where its thin if you feel self conscious but I bet no one else will really notice x

Get your thyroid checked.


Vitamins! If you aren’t already, continue taking prenatals

Loreal have an amazing collection of hair products. After my 3rd my hair was awful and not helped that I destroyed it with box dye and bleach the past few years. This is the first time in a long time my hairs grown and is actually thick! Definitely helps it. Also taking vitamins can help and having a good diet

I had that issue along with some other annoying things happening that everyone told me was just a new mom thing, I talked to my dr about how bad it was she she checked my thyroid, a got refered to an endocrinologist and found out my thyroid was out of whack.


vitamins and protein shakes!

Vitamin b 6 and supermilk Bay rum from boots also helps

Keep taking prenatals, collagen, and biotin may help too. Eventually it will stop and begin to grow back.

I’m still taking prenatal vitamins plus iron and my baby is 6 ms old, I’m going to keep taking it.

Prenatal vitamins and keratin shampoos and conditioners

I lost huge chunks of hair when I was pregnant 2 years ago, I have just tried to stop all heat treatments like straighten/curling, also eat foods rich in vits and minerals…
This is my life now…17m post p lol

I have a hairdresser that cuts my hair and full treatment never had issues once sorted

It could be the products you’re using! Theres a lot of companies that are in lawsuit right now for having ingredients in them that cause hair loss. I learned the hard way when I was using Tresemme, my hair would come out in CHUNKS! I’ve switched brands after doing some research and there was an instant difference! Hair care is important as well as massaging the scalp to help promote hair growth. Hope you find a good solution!

Keep taking the prenatal

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Keep taking your prenatal vitamins

Post partum alopecia. It’s very common. Take your prenatals but it’ is very common in most moms who have had babies. It may be something you just have to go through. It will grow back! I


I was prescribed Amiodorone in the hospital and lost a lot of hair before reading the side effects of thinning hair. Changed med and got Rogain to use daily in massage on scalp. Not only do I have super thick full head of hair, but it came back in curly!!! Have to get it thinned now and just deal with the curls. :hugs:

I lost so much hair I cried just knowing I would be bald. By the time my baby was a year old it was fine again. The Doctor told me it’s all hormonal. Hang in there!

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That’s a thing that happens after giving birth or while pregnant.
Ask your dr or get over the counter biotin vitamins
There’s specific ones that say hair nails and skin