What can I do for mucus in my throat while pregnant?

Hi, I’m nine weeks pregnant, and I’m struggling with mucus in my throat so bad that it makes me gag the whole time. Is there something I can drink for it while pregnant?


Oof I’d deff ask a doctor you dont want some one to give you the wrong answer and it create problems


It’s coming from ur sinuses. Use saline nasal spray. Completely natural.

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This is what I use!

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Make a patch of ginger and tape it to your chest

Not sure what to take but avoid dairy. It creates mucus


Ask your dr. I take Claritin daily

Coke a cola!!! They use it in icu to un block tubes!!! Old nurse trick…i kid you not it works!!!

Warm lemon juice, extra sour. It’s very healthy also.

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Peppermint oil. Just dab a bit on a qtip . Dab it lightly inside each nostril. You can do that several times a day.

Lemon juice. But im sure u can google it too

Talk to your doctor as ask for a list of medications you can take while pregnant. My doctor gave me a list at my first initial visit when i found out how far along i was.
I can look for my list and post it tomorrow of what my doctor said was okay to take.

Fresh pineapple cut mucus

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Hot lemonade: squeeze a lemon wedge into a mug, pour boiling water over it, add honey or other sweetener if you desire, and sip away. (I leave the wedge in the mug, as well.)

Hot tea with lemon and honey

Everyone saying coke, my personal experience your body actually makes more mucus while pregnant so thats probably where its coming from coke made/and now makes again wayyyyy worse. Water helped. Alot of water keeps it thinned out.

Warm water with lemon or decaf tea with honey

I do warm water with lemon and honey, or honestly ice water will help

Idk if this helps but :woman_shrugging:

Defo leave off the dairy xx