What can I do for my 2-month-olds Eczema?

My baby has had eczema since 2 months old, I’ve been too the doctor and they have prescribed me many creams that don’t work or will work for the mean time and then the eczema will come back worst wanting to know from other mums any suggestions to help it die down!?

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The aveeno eczema cream works really well for my daughter. Paired with hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone first then the aveeno

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Do you breast feed? If so, it 100% could be something you’re eating. Eczema is usually a sign of allergies to something.

Tried oatmeal baths to calm it! I typically would recommended breast milk bath but if that’s what’s causing it it would do more harm than good

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Make sure every thing is fragrance free, dye free, and alcohol free.

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Might be what you are eating if breast feeding or type of formula. Also type of detergent/dry sheets as well. Aveeno oatmeal cream for babies works the best and cooler baths

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Aveno Eczema Oatmeal Cream. It’s the only thing that works for my 3 month old baby girl!

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I make a salve that I made just for this reason. I couldnt afford the creams they wanted to prescribe her. We are beekeepers and have a little store that we sell the salve. We have it with or without CBD. We have samples if you want to come try it!

Eczema honey has a whole line for eczema. I use the soap on my son and it helps clear up his. I also put aquaphor on his spots every night that helps.

This stuff is amazing! works every time for our daughter! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried EVERYTHING for my daughter. This is the only thing that helps. They have a lotion but this is an oil. I put it in a spray bottle and spray her down after showers. It’s amazing.

I have to wipe down my sons face with a rag every hour or so if he’s outside. I’ll apply cream at night before bed only. The allergens in the air outside seem to stick to the creams & make my sons eczema worse so we do without if we’re outdoors. Certain foods make my sons worse too. Like stuff with tomatoes.
The honest company has an eczema cream. We also love the aveeno night time eczema balm. It’s so creamy & works the best!

I suffered with it really bad
Especially in my last pregnancy in my arms and wouldn’t go away. I recently cut out dairy from my diet and it has cleared up almost instantly!
If you are breastfeed maybe it something you are eating
Or possible the formula


Are you using all non fragrant soaps and detergents? No lavender products, all free & clear shampoos, bubble bath, etc.

Eczema starts in the gut. If baby is nursing you can cut out dairy or switch baby to a soy formula.

Lots of exzama lotion. Short baths. A little bit a sun helps to. The south African black soap really made all the difference with my son.

I use L’BRI skincare products, they are all natural and aloe based. My son had horrible exema and these products cleared it right up. Its a consultant based business so can’t buy in stores but totally worth it!

My daughters eczema was caused by a milk protein allergy. She was put on a prescription formula. We also used plain dove soap to bathe and cetaphil lotion. Pat her dry dont rub and then apply the lotion to damp skin. That helps lock in moisture. We also only clothed her in 100% cotton clothes and used hypoallergenic clothes detergent. Also only 100% cotton blankets and sheets.

You can bath them in oilatum, helped my little boys skin loads and since doing it in every bath his Eczema hasnt come back

Child’s farm range is brilliant :grinning: x

If you’re breastfeeding. Put your milk on it every 4 hours! I did that with my daughter when she was a baby and it went away within 2 weeks.