What can I do for my child who has colic?

My little one is two months, and he has colic, and all day today, he has done nothing but cry and throw up, and I mean ALL day!!! I’m at my wit’s end, I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated

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Probiotic. We used Gerber soothe formula and it had it in there. Also gas drops, sound machines and gripe water.

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Gripe water saves us daily along with rubbing his belly

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Gripe water always helped my daughter.

Gripe water was my go to as well as baby wearing as much as possible and around 2 months started a probiotic. Mommy’s bliss was out favorite

I got a babocush cushion for my son. I had never heard of it, but a mom had posted one for sale in a moms group, and i looked up what it was, and decided to buy it off her.
These are a pretty penny new, but was 100000% worth it for my baby. If you want to message me, i can answer any questions.

Get gaviscon powder from docs works amazing

Could be reflux n that’s uncomfortable for them

What formula? We changed my sons to nutrimagen, for cowlic. Worked wonders.

Switch formulas.
Use nutramigen.

We use probiotics, but the formula might be causing colic look into that, good luck!

I used gripe water and gas x in every bottle and alumentum formula! I wouldn’t switch the formula though until you talk to a pediatrician. They may have different suggestions

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Nothing helped my kids. :disappointed: I had to ride it out.

So my 1 year old was colicky for his first 6 months. It was horrible and I feel for both of you. First of all swaddle, swaddle, swaddle. It was a lifesaver. Second we used white noise when trying to get him to sleep or calmed down. We used Womb sounds and it help him soooo much. You can find YouTube videos of womb sounds that go for hours. We also changed up his food. He was having a real hard time with my breast milk so we ended up switching him to a formula brand specifically for colic. Baby wearing helped him feel secure and he could hear my heartbeat. We did this during the day. Good luck momma!

Maybe your lottle one needs a light formula.

Gripe water. Works awesome

Similar to my daughter, we used gripe water and switched formulas, and switched again and again. Eventually had her allergy tested and got a long list of things she can’t have!

Allementum formula with gripe water and gas drops on a regular schedule, MAM brand bottles helped sooo much. And also maybe a chiropractor for reflux?? Baby chiropractors are awesome

Gas X I also use 2 ounces of warm water a pinch of sugar and a piece of peppermint candy and shake it up if you ever need a break message me and I’d be happy to watch him so you can get some rest

Switch formulas and talk to his pediatrician