What can I do for my childs acid reflux?

Please help! My one-month-old has extremely bad acid reflux to the point where he spits up out his mouth and nose and chokes. The dr has him on medicine, but it doesn’t seem to help much. You can tell it hurts him. He doesn’t sleep during the day, usually longer than 40-minute naps. Sometimes less. And at night nothing longer than 2 hours mostly. I keep him elevated as much as possible. Even propped up the crib mattress while he sleeps. A friend suggested a Chiropractor. And I’m going to take him to a gastro dr. But has anyone else been through this? Does anyone know of anything that can help?


Are they best or bottle fed. If breast check what you are eating if formula checkout different types


I would go with an elemental formula (it’s soy and dairy free) and get a referral to a pediatric Gastroenterologist. Meanwhile, elevate the crib mattress and do less, but more frequent bottles.

A Chiro helped my daughter a ton and I loved these we still use them now and she’s 17 months old they are amazing

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My daughter had that problem. She threw up every single time she ate and even when she didn’t. We changed her formula to Similac sensitive with a fit of cereal in it not a lot and it slowed it down a lot.

I can’t really help with the reflux but I do know that sleeping propped up is not recommended as it can lead to positional asphyxiation

Son had the same issue. Switched to similac alimentum and inclined him as he slept.

My son was like this we had to elevate him while he slept he would either be in his swing or we had to hold him. He was breast fed for 1 week then I didnt produce enough so we switched to bottles he was put on medicine. After he turned a year old he went on whole milk n has been fine since. Good luck momma

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Similac gentle ease I think is what we used. She still spit up but not nearly as much as she did before we got her on the similac.

We had this. Find a formula that helps (oddly, carnation worked for him). I put him in swing next to my bed until outgrew it.

Take him back to the doctor. If he’s spitting up so much he’s choking and medicine isn’t working, then there may be something wrong and his doctor needs to be more thorough. He definitely needs to see a gastro doctor, so good that he’s going there.

My son had this problem as a baby. His milk got switched so many times, but finally it stopped once he started a formula called nutrimagen (I think I spelled it rite) this was 20yrs ago so I hope they still make it

Hold him up right for 20 mins after feeding then slowly lay him down

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You need to be referred to a pediatric gi. You need to figure out what is causing it to be that bad. Acid reflux can cause all kinds of damage if not treated properly.

When he spits up does it project outward or is it just like running down his chin. Is he still gaining properly? Im just wondering because my son was the same and it turned out he had pyloric stinosis

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My son had reflux when he was a baby and would spit up a lot. We switched him to enfamil ar and had him sleep in a rock n play to keep him elevated. I know they don’t sell those anymore. Eventually he grew out of it.

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Happened with my 2nd I was BF and he was also on medicine. I was told to change my diet, it was awful for me because it made me cut alot of stuff. Few weeks later it still didnt solve anything therefore we tried stopping BF and did only formula, it worked! Sadly he stayed on formula I really wanted to BF but I hated seeing him suffer so we kept formula for him. My 3rd baby was also having the same problem but luckily cutting dairy for me worked.

If your breastfeeding see a lactation consultant as you may have an oversupply or fast letdown.

From personal experience with a baby with gerd. Use a gentle/sensitive formula if possible . Mattress wedge, don’t lay the baby flat on his back for an hour after he eats. Slow flow nipples, and make sure you get all his gas up. It took about a month, but all of this helped my little one

Do you give meds before he eats?