What can I do for my childs diaper rash?

My 11-month-old has diaper rash for two weeks now. It’s only getting worse, have been using bepanthen all the time. It was getting a small bit better, but he had a dirty nappy last night as he had diarrhea constantly as well; he must have been in it awhile he didn’t even winge! Today it’s so bad; he has blisters Any tips on how to help it heal quickly? I use Sudocrem after every nappy change when he doesn’t even have a rash, so it must be the teething or a stomach bug.


I would say food allergy, maybe switch to goats milk…

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I’d try different kinds of dippers

I’d try just Vaseline for a couple of days and see if that works. My LG was the worst for nappy rash and Vaseline was the only thing that worked x

Hydrozole cream or a cream with a steroid in it

Use bag balm and go without diapers to let it air out as much as possibly

Bath with dove soap, Destin , different brand diaper

Butt paste!! I think Bordeaux makes it

If it’s been this long and getting worse I’d bring it up to dr. When ours get them we change a lot more. Dry. Cream.

Keep it dry as much as you can and use corn starch

Seriously, Triple paste diaper cream. I swear by that stuff. I send it to friends/family in Canada. Best diaper rash cream out there!

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Rinse with plan water every diaper change and let air dry before putting cream or put a diaper back on.


Egg white. Whip them a little and then put on rash it forms a seal and protects skin. My Dr recommended this and done it with all 3 of mine

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Get some monkey butt cream it works wonders

A and D or coconut oil

There’s this stuff called “butt paste” in a red tube works soooo good

Olive oil works wonders!

Go to your nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist!

We always used butt paste or desitin.

I have to use A&D ointment on my daughter, it’s the only thing that works and doesn’t make it worse! I would try something different. Also have u changed diapers brands or wipe brands? That could be it too, my daughter is sensitive and can only use one brand.