What can I do for my childs post nasal drip?

Has anyone’s child had postnasal drip? I think that’s what my daughter’s dr called it. But she gets this awful cough. Mostly at night and early mornings. During the day it’s not bad, or sometimes she doesn’t have it. She got medicine for it. But she is still coughing. How long does it last? What things can help speed recovery?


Vitamin C containing foods, alfalfa with spearmint tea for allergies (post nasal drip) along with environmental changes, getting rid of dust, pet dander, smoke , hepa filter air purifier, and pineapple juice for the cough. (Not medical advice) Suggestions as these have worked for my family. For medical advice please seek a medical professional.

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Is it from an allergy? Something you can eliminate from her environment?

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Prospan from chemist its herbal! Works wonders! Yes it can be allergie related check the foods, environment, clothing fabrics, carpets any thing can cause it!

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What medicine is she taking for it. If it’s not working then you need to call the dr and get it changed. You didn’t say her age but I always give mine Sudafed ( the stuff behind the pharmacy counter] before bed once they were old enough.

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You need to dry it up then will not cough!

My daughter has it too. Daily zyrtec helped a lot. We just recently swapped her to claritin and that is working well too. But I had to give her the max amount of zyrtec daily for it to work

If it’s at night your house just might be dry. I get that way especially in winter. Try a humidifier in her bedroom.

Depending on her age, allergy nose spray helps my daughter a lot. If she is too young for that you can use Saline nose spray, it helps thin it out so it won’t be too junky through her throat. Humidifier also helps keep things loose so she work it out. Elevating her head while she sleeps. If she is too young to sleep with a pillow, you can put pillow or a rolled towel under the fitted sheet. Vicks on her feet with socks helps.

I was diagnosed with that in the winter of 2019 and they ordered me Flonase nasal spray. It was resolved in two weeks

Zyrtec or cetirizine for generic. My son takes it every day and it has helped a lot this season

Use two 2x4 to raise head of bed so dripping will drip down throat

With my daughter I use Zarbees (make sure if she’s under 1 you use infant with no honey) and Claritin every day and run a humidifier all night while she sleeps and it usually goes away in a few days.

Humidifer at night with vicks is what we use and then hes on claritin and occasional saline for nose

We do too. My son takes a daily Clairton chewable and it works wonders

If you hadn’t already, get her a wedge for her bed. My daughter had this problem last Nov/dec/Jan due to severe allergies. We bought her a wedge and the cough and the congestion cleared up almost immediately.

I can’t promise this would work but no harm no foul on trying I’ve always heard that pineapple juice it’s an old fashioned remedy helps stop a cop and helps with decongestion so maybe feed her some pineapple and let her have some of the juice gorgeous covered drink the juice whichever way you can get it in or maybe right at bedtime like a snack and see

A chiropractor can clear her sinus up. We also found with our sone that he was allergic to dairy products. Just enough to irritate, not enough to cause a lot of problems. It was so light that we only saw it in the winter months.

Honey …helps with mucous.

My son uses Flonase mist when his allergies act up, it works really well. It takes about three days to take full effect. We use it at night just before bed.