What can I do for my migraines during pregnancy?

I suffer from chronic migraines and I just found out I’m approx 4-5 weeks pregnant. I can no longer take my migraine preventive or treatment medications. Any suggestions on how to prevent and/or treat migraines that are safe for me and baby? I’m getting plenty of fluids and rest, taking a prenatal vitamin and eating healthy. Thanks in advance!


Lick a little bit of pink Himalayan salt .

Try eating about 10-20 almonds if you can it has the same chemical
Reaction as Tylenol. Works for some.

I took 1 Tylenol rapid release and drink a small Dr Pepper once a day helped me

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I was personally prescribed propranolol. My doctor said it was safe for pregnancy, my son was born healthy. But heat was amazing when migraines hit. Sitting in the tub with water as hot as I could safely make it running over my head. And wrapping a heating pad around my head.

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Eat/suck on some chocolate.

try some cream of tartar under the tongue (watch potassium if there’s an issue), and here’s some non-pharmaceuticals you can try. Hope you feel better! https://www.healthline.com/health/natural-ways-to-reduce-migraines#1

Have you tried oxygen?

I know someone that told me their son had migraines so bad he’d end up in the hospital… now, when he feels a migraine coming on he just straps himself to an oxygen tank for a bit and it stops it in its tracks!

I’ve also heard other success stories.

Worth a try.

I took.topamax pregnant with but after 11 weeks.
They I took stadol nasal spray when I got migraines.
Drink tons of water and rest as much as possible

The almond trick is something that someone from WIC told me about today. She asked if they were a part of my diet and after I told her I really didn’t like them she told me they really help with migraines as well as being a healthy snack

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I took a hot(ish) bath and put an ice pack on the back of my neck. It takes 20-30 minutes but it works for me!

Sometime pregnancy can help migraines not occur because of the hormones

Your dr should be able to provide you with an alternate med for the pregnancy. I would never go off of advice from the internet. Everyone’s pregnancy and body responds differently, not worth the risk in my eyes

Dark chocolate, cold water and ice packs on your head/kneck

I got the inside of my ear pierced and it has helped so much.

Tylenol is safe. Anything that says acetaminophen

Talk to your ob they are the only ones who can safely prescribe medicine during pregnancy.

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Lots and lots of water plenty of sleep good food I have chronic as well I just started on emgality it’s a life saver iv gone from 20-30 a month to 1-3 a month now so after baby definitely see if emgality is an option your not alone mama

My migraines went away completely when I got pregnant and they never came back. She is now 9, and they were severe migraines, but never again…hoping the same for you.

I get chronic migraines too, and when I pregnant with my daughter. I went to a neurologist and he was able to help with medications that I could take while pregnant. I would try that