What can I do for my sons ADHD without medicating him?

To sit on a yoga ball during school… just small movement will help… also give him half a mt dew or a cup of coffee before school and half one at lunch time… also chewing on stir straws helped my boy… fidget toys may help him focus also… work with his school and they will do what they can to help… my sons teacher would give him half a mt dew during school I just had to supply them.

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Have you ever consideredHave you ever considered Medicinal herbs, oils, cbd. Do you some research, there are a lot of great things that help that are not pharmaceuticals.

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When I was younger my cousin came to stay with us. He had ADHD, undiagnosed. My mom did some research and the whole time he was with us he didn’t eat any processed foods or red food dye and it was like night and day. Completely different kid. Good luck!

No sugar alot of activities. Keep him busy

Whats wrong with meds? They help my daughter tremendously


I was told my son was gonna need meds and I am totally opposed to it. Get a good schedule keep to it, good diet take out most of the sugars, and make sure you have enough exercise they need a lot. A trampoline was amazing. Good luck.

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I recently put my son on medication and that’s about the same age I said I don’t want to medicate but now I’m thankful I did but now I wish I didn’t wait as long as I did cus i feel it’s too late to try and get him involved more in school which part of it is the online learning but the therapy alone wasn’t helping him I started with a non stimulant and it’s working well so far

Diet, diet, diet and hydration. A very clean diet will help wonders. I agree with no medication a million percent. Food put together in correct forms, herbs and minerals is all he will need.

Check for sleep apnea if you haven’t already https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5662391/

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My 5 yr old was recently diagnosed with adhd and anxiety. She is in therapy and works with a counselor

The medicine will really help him. He will thrive on it. You’re not doing it for you, you’re doing it for him.


Diet can help. Cut out dyes and sugar. Extracurricular activies can help too. Martial arts are supposed to help them focus their energy.

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Vitamin b and magnesium!

Therapy there’s a place called amber wing in duluth mn that helps with behavior issues I would think this would help a lot with coping with adhd without medication look it up and try to find something similar in your area! And screw all these people that say medicate my husband had bad adhd growing up and never was on medication for it and he thrives in life now!!!

They just put my 4 yo grandson on a very small dose of something and sending him to the childrens hospital to get tested for autism as well… but the meds have made a tremendous diff for his focus at prek he has learned so much more in the last 3 weeks because he isn’t always running wide open…

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Exracurricular activities like sports work wonders without needing medication. Especially martial arts. Children with adhd need an energy outlet. If you are a very involved mom and have the time to be there to really help them thrive without medication then its not necessary. My brother had adhd and he tried many medications that never worked or would only work for a short period of time before needing to up the dose or change it again. Basically making him a guinea pig or a zombie. Sometimes medication isnt always the best option but it may work for some. My brother thrived better without it. He was able to be a normal kid. There are medications available that dont have these kind of side effects that you can ask your doctor about. Or even vitamins you can try to help with focus. I recommend asking your doctor about these options to see how it goes because only you can decide the best options for your child. Sometimes all a child needs is patience and understanding and most importantly alot of love and support :two_hearts:

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So my oldest was also diagnosed at a young age, the teachers were adamant about medicating him. I am a nurse and I knew there was something else we could do except meds. Extra work and keeping him busy only helped so much. The Dr who diagnosed him looked us in the eye and told us she knew we didn’t want to medicate our son, and she wouldn’t either. She told us she had numerous families try gluten free to help with ADD/ADHD. It was tremendously beneficial for him, we did this when he was younger and now he isn’t on this special diet and does have some issues but he is also a teenager. This was harder back then because we were making all the gluten free foods, but now you can buy everything because it is not new anymore. I have also heard of cutting the red dyes out too. Good luck, and go with your gut. What works for one child doesn’t always work for the next.

Following, im going through the same thing with my 8 year old son. I have appointment on Wednesday.

Strayers is a prescribed herbal(nonaddicting) medication my son functions fine on it plus diet watch out as I was told for foods with the red dye in it

My middle son has ADHD. I cut out as many artificial dyes as possible but especially red dye. I also cut out as much refined sugar and processed foods as possible. And find an outlet for the energy. Figure out what he’s interested in and go from there.

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