What can I do for my sons insomnia?

Any tips for a kid dealing with insomnia and leg pain (growing pains)? Going on weeks now, my son is completely off his sleep schedule and at a lost what to do.


I give my little guy Motrin when this happens. It seems to help

Melatonin and Tylenol.


Magnesium supplement is great when your legs bother you at night.


Bananas! Lots of bananas for growing pains. Sleep issues are due to the pain so I assume that once you get the growing pains under control sleep will soon follow

Warm bath, Tylenol, and depending on age melatonin at night to help sleep. My 10 year old has been talking 3mg melatonin for a couple years now. Her doc is fine with it but i still advise check with doc. As a mama that’s where i would start with my kids.

Magnesium helps with leg pain and sleep

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There’s a cream on Amazon for restless legs. I use it when I get off long work days and it’s a huge life saver

Magnesium, my son to take it every night and they sleep like a charm

I take a lot for mine. I take melatonin, valerian root, magnesium calm, ashwagandha

Magnesium supplement is good for both.

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I used to get growing pains really bad , my mom would have to rub a-5-35 on them . Tiger balm works also . She would rub this stuff and than wrap them with a small towel . Best thing after she did this and only after I could sleep . The pain was the worst thing ever :sleepy:

potassium. i remember babysitting a brother and sister back in the 60’s he was having leg pains due to growing also, i would give him a light calf massage to both legs before bedtime. it seemed to help.

Melatonin and tylenol. My kids take the gummy melatonin on nights they struggle and tylenol helped my son’s growing pains. They also own weighted blankets that seem to offer some comfort

If he likes pickles, have him get up and drink pickle juice when he gets them. What we did way back in my days, still do when I get leg cramps in my elderly years.

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I give my son the Melatonin gummies

Maybe some Tylenol or Advil?

Foam roller his legs every night before bed

I’d take him to his doctor and have his iron checked. Sometimes low iron can cause restless leg which can make it hard to sleep and also be painful

Magnesium, iron and loads of bananas