What can I do for my teens acne?

Hello Mamas, my 15-year-old son has terrible acne. I’ve tried many different facial washes for him, but now I think I should take him to a dermatologist? Have any of you dealt with this? What did you do… what seemed to help?


When my daughter was a teen I took her to the dermatologist. They prescribed differen. It cleared it right up. They sell it over the counter now. At target

I would definitely recommend taking him to a dermatologist. Acne needs specific treatment, based on the type of acne and skin type. You really won’t find anything truly successful on the retail market to treat it.

Accutane. Do while he’s still a teenager so he doesn’t get scars. If it’s bad, don’t even try over the counter stuff. Just take him straight to the dermatologist.

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I debated to take to dermatologist but tried Differin . It worked for my daughter. Bought on Amazon

It could very well just be your water try bottled water for a few nights and check for an improvement

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Differin is great and available over the counter at Target. Accutane is by prescription I believe. If it’s cystic acne, they need to see a dermatologist, because that’s not something that can be taken care of by just face washes. Chemical peel facials once a month are know to help treat it.

Differin - over the counter and It really works!

My son used pro active you can purchase it at Wal-Mart it worked amazing and not pricey either.

This stuff works great

Differin you can get it at wal mart they also make a face wash too that goes with it. Or pro active work great too.

Benzoyl peroxide 10%. At Walgreens or target for like $4.

His doctor can get you something for it

Jessica alba botanicals worked for me

Witch hazel!! I promise it works, you can buy face wipes, or liquid in a bottle, I did this for my stepson, it’s amazing

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Take him to the doctor. My daughters doctor gave her an antibiotic a cream and also told us which cleansers to use. She recommends CeraV wash and moisturizer and differen gel along with the prescription stuff. Its has worked wonders on my kiddos face

Irish Spring soap bar. The original!

Be careful with Differin! I had a reaction to it, and it turned my face red and made me extremely sensitive to the sun.

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Diet has a lot to do with your skin.


I took my son’s too a dermatologist, 4 weeks later ,their faces are clear as a bell