What can I do for my toddler who holds in her stools?

My toddler is a healthy 23mo that started holding her poop! She had a hard stool before that I’m sure triggered this, but I need ways that worked for other mamas to fix this ?!?! :pray:t2: I cannot start potty training bc she’s so uncomfortable when it comes to pooping. She’s on a fiber-rich diet, but her withholding is making the stools hard.


She could be lacto intolerant

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My daughter had problems with hard poops for ages I had to give her movicol every day once things started moving only every 2-3days. If I forgot she’d go straight back to hard again.

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I been having the same issue with my little one since he was 2 and is 5 now. His doctor put him on stool softeners and he gets fiber gummies, plus lots of water. Sometimes Miralax. I sometimes trick him and tell him its magic water to go poo and it doesnt have anything other than plainwater. He thinks this works and runs to the bathroom. Good luck momma :blush:

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This needs to be addressed with her pediatrician before you start self treating her. There could be something more serious going on.

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Although it is probably nothing…see the pediatrician

I just went through this with my 3 year old. Doctor said to try mineral oil mixed with her drinks and miralax and upping fiber intake. After 3 Miramax doses and adding the mineral oil and fiber gummies he was back to normal within days.

Something could be hurting her down there causing her to not want to go. I’d speak to her pediatrician.

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Miralax works wonders! 1 TBSP once a day

My girl has been on movicol since she was about 18nths old she hates pooping and still does but is getting better with it, she is 5 now. We always have movicol in stock at home just incase. If she wasnt prompted to go to the toilet she just wouldnt she has a squishy for in the bathroom that she can squeeze while pooping it gives her another sensation to focus on and she also uses a step to keep her legs up. Regular shots of prune juice and pears are great aswell to keep soft

They may be telling you they dont want to crap in a diaper anymore :woman_shrugging:

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Lots of water and fruits…also paupa works well…maybe its time to potty train

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My daughter went through it. Every day I would mix a little prune juice in her juice. Every day she would get “unicorn” pudding. Which is baby food prunes, plums, and applesauce mixed together. After 2 weeks her stools were not hard anymore and it didn’t hurt her to poop which what was keeping her from going. When we started training we cut down the prune juice to every other day. The special pudding she kept eating daily, even started making a game cuz it was just hers and not daddy’s. Lol!

Why can’t you start potty training?

The doctor recommended my son take cultrelle everyday. That worked for a long time. Now he is 4 & still takes it, but is having difficulty. Yesterday the doctor recommended Miralax. It worked within 20 minutes with half the dose.

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Miralax all the way. Had the same issue with my then 4yo. Ped gastro dr told us miralax and she has to poop every single day to stay regular.


Pear juice helped mine

Glycerin suppositories

I had this issue with my son. His pediatrician suggested miralax.

This happened when he was starting to be potty trained. So, I definitely wouldn’t take this as a sure sign she is ready, because often times potty training makes this issue worse.

He’s nearly five now, and completely normal in the bathroom department if you’re wondering. It will end. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree :100: percent call her doctor could be a problem

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