What can I do for severe morning sickness?

I am currently ten weeks pregnant and have been sick for around five weeks. My doctor tried Zofran, and it didn’t even touch it. I was then out on Diclegis, which helped for a few weeks, but now I’m back to being sick and hardly being able to eat. Any tips? * I’ve tried B6, sea bands, and preggie pops


Try sour candies, it was the only thing that worked for me. Ones you can suck on so it lasts

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Have you tried saltine crackers and ginger ale?

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My OBGYN has me take my prenatal vitamins right before I went to bed instead of in the morning and it made a huge difference!

Even before you get out of bed eat saltines I was sick the whole nine months with two of my boys and they help me

I’m on a med call reglan. That with motion sickness meds it’s kept my severe morning sickness at bay(meaning I stopped going to the hospital and only throwing up a couple of times…). Nothing worked by itself, I had to combo a lot of things…

Unisom sleep tab half

Saltines, Sprite, and suck on peppermint altoids

Pretzels, sour candy, cola, apples cut into little pieces to eat slowly. I had it all 9 months with both kids, medicine didn’t help they tried all kinds and ended up in the hospital several times for dehydration from being sick so much that’s the only things I could keep down

Fine line between being hungry and full. Find the balance.

Chewing on ice cubes.

You can get the nausea bracelet off Amazon. I heard they work pretty well. Also ginger chews

Morning sickness is just so strange to me. Never had it with any of my 3…but my one sister always got super sick too… will never understand why a pregnancy can make a body sick

Dissolvable zofran along with reglan and a stool softener if it’s hyperemesis nothing helps but that does take a little of the nausea away. I lost 40lbs with my first 20lbs with my second and nothing helped. Good luck

Real lemons worked for me… Smelling them and sucking the juice out… Helped me thru 2 of my pregnancies

Eat a cracker before your feet hit floor in morning.

The Dr gave me pheghan pills they also have. Cream tht. U rub on ur wrist tht is phegan I was sick the full 9 mo. They. Even gave me. The shots every WK I lost 37 lbs. Because I couldn’t keep nothing. Down til they gave me. The shots

Ginger chews…or coca cola with real sugar in it… fake sugar and HFCS make it worse
Peppermint tea
Ginger tea

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Possibly hypermesis gravida

I lived on saltines and Schweppes ginger ale more than once. If you can, suck on peppermint candies like from pizza hut. If you can get some doTERRA essential oils, there are great ones that help