What can I do for the mosquito bite on my daughters face?

My two-year-old got bit by a mosquito on her face. Just when it started going away, she started digging it, and now it’s all red and gross, which sucks because I need to get her Santa photos. My child does have sensory issues, so if I put a band aid on her face just to keep medicine on it, she screams and cries and then pulls it off. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but I just don’t know what to do, and I’m really concerned about it getting worse. Any tips or tricks, because I’m at a loss.


And still get the dam Santa photo done :slight_smile:

Fiddle toy? Keep the hands busy?

Maybe try and put the bandaid and cream on her when shes sleeping?

My oldest is the same way. He picks everything. Basically just have to ‘forget about it.’ He had a huge scab on his chin one Christmas, life of children.

Topical benadryl, once the itch stop she will probably stop messing with it.

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Dab tree tea oil on it. Will take away the itch and will heal quickly.

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Put liquid bandage on it. It will dry up the poison and peel off. That’s what I do to my kid and she can’t scratch it

Mix baking soda with water to make a paste. Put that paste on the bite and it should dry up or at least you don’t need to put a bandaid because it will stick to her skin.

A dab of Calaclear maybe?

put vicks it helps the

Vicks or (sounds weird but) toothpaste! Other than that, make an X on it with your nail, it relieves the itching

Witch hazel on a cotton ball will stop the burning, itching and inflammation. Silver ointment will help heal it if there is a scab.

You know how many times w had photos and my brothers and I would always be screwing around and always one of us ended up having something wrong. Lol. It makes memories. Dont worry about it. And don’t take her to even go see Santa right now. Period. Honestly.

Chapstick takes the itch away

Baking soda mix with water or aloe

Rub deodorant on it. It will stop itching

Wash her with Gold Dial soap, wait until she’s asleep and put a small dab of Neosporin on the spot with a q-tip.

Calamine lotion or a mix or baking soda and water you you could also try butt paste or liquid bandage that might burn tho I know it stings a little

Stick a Band-Aid on when she’s asleep :woman_shrugging: