What can I do for the mosquito bite on my daughters face?

Take her to the pediatrician to make sure it isn’t infected since she’s been scratching/digging.

Liquid band aid i would put it on after bath and dry it with my hair dryer so my kiddo would not notice

Sea salt dissolved in warm water and dab it on. Itll heal fast. Over night cocoa butter

My granddaughter gets them a lot. I have tried cortaide but you are not supposed to use it on the face. So I tried some Benadryl ointment. It has Camphor in it so it takes the sting and itch out.

My son gets eaten up by mosquitoes and he always scratches them pretty bad. We keep aquaphor on it as often as we can since it does sometimes get rubbed off. We always see great results for healing.

You can definitely do a topical like hydrocortisone cream. If your doctor is ok with it an oral antihistamine. You can cover the spot with a bandage right before the pictures so it’s less obvious. I recommend the nexcare clear bandaids that have a little patch of skin color only on the pad that shows through. You can hardly see them.

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Take the picture… send me it and I’ll digitally remove the red on the cheek. :heart:

Try doing it when she goes to sleep

Peroxide and Shea butter

Preparation H will take the itch away

Feed those kids more garlic, mosquitoes hate garlic blood…

Get a new chapstick and show her how to “put on make up” by rubbing the chapstick on her bite

When she is asleep go put triple antibiotic cream on it over night. Like a huge glob. In 2 to 3 days it should be nearly gone

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Vicks vapor rub is great for mosquitoe bites.

Witch hazel is good for bug bites so is white vinegar