What can I do for tooth pain while pregnant?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant, and I have a tooth I need to get pulled. The dentists won’t pull it until next week. It has caused me serious pain to the point I can’t sleep without waking up in agony. What can I use to help the pain? I’m in desperate need of answers!!


Get some Orajel mouth wash from Walmart. It helped my tooth until I got to the dentist

Find a different dentist. The pain is not worth the wait

I’m in the same boat except my dentist won’t pull til after baby is here. I’ve been doing mouthwash several times a day, paracetamol and weirdly enough peppermint tea. I make the tea, wait til the bag cools down and put it on affected area for 5-10 minutes and drink the tea. Its the one trick I’ve found works.


Take equal part salt with equal part baking soda add few drops of water to make a paste and put that where your tooth hurts.

clove oil works wonders

I had the same problem when I was expecting my daughter after I gave birth to her no tooth it was like it was never there​:joy::joy:I’m so sorry I know how you feel I used to bite a dry clothe and it helped till birth

Do not use clove oil! It is highly toxic to pregnant women. Oil pulling with tea tree and coconut oil or find a dentist that specializes in pregnant dental patients.


I used this stuff for awhile and it really helped me :pray:t2: good luck

Take a liquigel (Tylenol, aleve) and puncture it with a push pin, put the liquid directly on the painful tooth. Only thing that ever works for me

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Warm and cold compresses help as well as swishing with salt and coconut oil. Spit out afterwards.

Since you’ve been to a dentist I’m guessing it’s not infected. Does it have hole in it? If so buy tooth putty. I actually found some at the dollar store after a friend told me about it. It is just as the name sounds putty for teeth to cover a hole. Can also be found at Walmart by the tooth paste and brushes

Put drops of clove oil on it

My wisdom teeth were coming in during my pregnancy! I got them out 2 weeks after my c section. They said all I could really do was Tylenol and the tube of gel you put on your teeth (I don’t know how to spell it :joy:)

I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled at 28 weeks i was in so much pain and they tried to make me wait but i refused to leave the dentist until they pulled them out they tried to tell me i could go into early labor and i should wait but i said nope do it now they gave me general anaesthetic and pulled them out took about 10mins and they were done and I was fine salt water rinse and panadole for a week after and all healed .
Don’t let then tell you what to do it’s your choice and they can refuse but eventually there will be a dentist that will do it

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Clove oil or emu oil

Clove from spouts. Put it right on the tooth.

I laid on a bag of ice and took as much Tylenol as the OB aloud me too and he put me in antibiotics a few times for it cause I couldn’t have surgery to have it removed cause I was high risk

Clove oil or the raw clove itself


I had this throughout both my pregnancies! One thing that helped was sensodyne tooth paste. I would just put some in my finger and put the paste directly on the problem tooth. Good luck!

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