What can I do to fix my relationship with my daughter?

100% more to this story than you’re letting on. There’s got to be a reason she feels that way about you. Just saying.


Best thing for you to do is leave her alone until she decides to grow up


Tell her that you love her very much and would love to have a good relationship but you are not going to tolerate her disrespect. Tell her adult or not you are still her mother and if she continues to be disrespectful she is not allowed at your home anymore if she is not going to be respectful toward you.


Play her at her own game she sounds a nasty piece of work to me just ignore her she will soon know where her breads buttered!


I say be patient. Maybe ask your daughter to write you a letter with her grievances so she can get them off her chest without abusing you. Learn about what is verbal abuse and get her to learn. And be patient. Try no to let her drag you into a fight. Ask her Dad not to allow that kind of bad talk. He shouldn’t be allowing that… And cheer up, kids are assholes.

Family counseling for both of you. If she won’t go, go yourself. A pro will have strategies for dealing and healing with her, and if nothing improves, healthy ways to help you move past this.

Can you have a talk with the grandmother to get insight into what is causing her to behave this way? Maybe ask the grandma what she thinks would help your relationship with your daughter. Ask her dad for insight too if you are on good terms.

Does the daughter have a relationship with her stepbrothers? Do you ever do things together, like outings, birthday parties, etc.?

Is she having a tough time adulting? It can be a shock if she wasn’t prepared for the responsibility of it all. Remember, most people’s reactions stem from how they feel about themselves, and you’re just a convenient target to absorb some of the pain.


I have a girl just like that she hates me but she runs off on my car I keep thinking she won’t do that but it happens again like tonite now she’s venting on me very disrespectful and I have never treated her any different than my other kids I have 5 she’s the youngest at 32 Idk if it’s immaturity or a mental thing

She definitely is out of line with the disrespect but there is clearly a reason as to why she is so upset with you. I’d try to talk to her about it on a good day. Don’t play the victim card. Be quite and listen. See where that takes you. If it doesn’t end the way either of you wanted it to, give her some time and try again in the future.


I know this might sound crazy but maybe the two of you need to take a break from each other. Write her a letter and tell her you love her and want a loving and positive relationship with her. Forget the past and refuse to argue with her. She is an adult but to honest you sound like a couple of 14 year olds. You are her mother, refuse to argue with her. Tell her she is not welcome unless she can behave herself.

You fucked up somewhere for her to lose respect for you .

Stop running after her , let her run after you when, she realizes that you have a life with her or without her she will settle down. You know how to live without her she has never lived without you. I wish my kids would. I would slap the taste out of their mouth.

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Cut her off completely don’t let her in your house stand strong. She needs to grow up.


Why are you even trying with her. Her attitude will never change. She’s old enough to know right from wrong. You just need to cut her off completely and make her see how that feels. If she has any feelings at all.


Good luck! I have one just like yours! I just turned her over to God.


Meet up with her in a neutral place. Go out for coffee a movie a walk in a park. But don’t have her come to your home. Perhaps a neutral place will help. She can’t trash your home if she isn’t in it. You still see her but this may help take some tension off. Holidays can be tense times get together at a venue other than your home. Take the pressure off yourself. And remember your not alone there are no perfect families.

Shes 18, let her live the way she chooses and when she comes around to visit if she disrespects you just ask her politely to leave and tell her you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Eventually she will stop the behavior. Definitely stop running after her.


I would ask your daughter to right you a letter explaining why she feels this way toward you. I’m guessing that you divorced her father and she might not know the reason for the divorce. Just my two cents.

I would tell her to leave and grow up she will remember you and the good you did for her just give her time and be strong what is that sayin tuff love and it’s hard but sometimes we have to do it just for our selves she is and adult so let her go

I was the only one in the family that stuck to my guns and demanded my nephew treat me with respect. It was rocky few years but I had family dinners minus my nephew I refused to talk to him and he knew I was serious. He finally came around to my way of thinking and we have a great relationship. Be willing to stick to your guns. Never let her slip.


Cut her loose…she either learns respect or stays away…it isn’t worth it…I have had to do it too