What can I do to get child support from my ex?

my ex-husband was supposed to pay child support. It was court-ordered four years ago for him to pay $236 a month. I am going through the child support agency in my County in Georgia, but nothing’s been done. He’s been put on Social Security, and I’ve never received a dime of child support. My daughter deserves more than this from a husband that didn’t want anything but her social security check when she was born. My daughter has Down syndrome. She’s eight years old. My question is, how can I get child support from her father when the child support agency for my county in my state is not doing anything and hasn’t done anything in 4 years to get a dime from him? I did not even get the first stimulus check from him


If he’s legally responsible you have to file for contempt. You need to get in contact with your child support agency, and if they are anything like Ohio you have to keep pushing and pushing bc they won’t do anything unless you stay on top of it.


If the ex is on disability he doesn’t have to pay. They will NOT take it out of disability payments


In Alabama if u don’t push for it it will happen eventually court ordered is court ordered they have to pay but he is in back pay now

I could be wrong, but I believe if he is on social security he doesn’t have to pay.

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It depends what kind of social security he’s on… they can’t touch certain kinds

if he ever has an income though or files taxes they usually take it out straight away

Contact social security and explain your situation

It’s a federal law those on disability do not have to pay child support not saying that’s fair but it’s the law


If ur getting social security for her u won’t get any child support from him!!

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Have you filed a claim with child support services? 1-844-694-2347

I don’t really know but I heard if they are on social security they don’t take child support from disability checks. But I also heard they can it depends honestly on how much he is making. You probably won’t get full amount if he makes less then $1000 a month: here in Chicago people on disability get roughly $700-$800 a month unless they get more because of retirement or other reasons. I wouldn’t even get tooo into it don’t give your hopes up. Find out what u can

You can petition to raise every 2 years I believe. File for an increase and that will get you in front of a judge… who will then question him… I’ve found that is easiest

Good luck is all I can say for 18 years we tried to get my father to pay he never paid a dime till after I was 18 and they took it out his check, my brothers dad doesn’t pay child support for either owes over 3 grand for both boys and they havent done anything to him I’ve even went to court and nothing still has been done i wish you the best of luck just wanted to tell you my experience and a ps I have custody of my brothers

I’m going to say it too. It has more to do with what he is one. They typical won’t take it from a social security check.
Keep in mind if you get ssi for your daughter.
That can mess up her check that you get.

Were in Ohio. My fiance has never gotten a dime from his ex girlfriend in child support for his daughter her mother had never been in pic shes 14 in a month. Court order to pay 455 a month. But the state set it up long as she don’t pay he gets all her income tax return.

Contact over their head. Start filing complaints against the agency. The sad truth is that if you went without supporting your child you would be in jail for neglect and abuse but these deadbeats can go without supporting their kids for years and all they get sent is a letter.


Is what you are going through Social Services through the state?
With my ex husband we go through DSS (department of social services) and even if he doesn’t pay it all adds up and it never goes away. Every four years we can file for an adjustment and I do. Keep pressing for your needs to be met.

Have you contacted social security and made them aware that he has a child. She should get benefits from him also

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If you’re getting a check for your child from his social security that is his child support