What can I do to get my daughter to stop sucking her hair to fall asleep?

How can I stop my daughter from sucking on my hair to go to sleep?! I’ve thought of everything, and I’m tempted to cut some off and give it to her at night. It wouldn’t be a problem, but she makes knots and mats all in my hair, and it hurts so bad. She’s 1yo. This is the only way she will sleep. I also have super long hair, and I am not cutting it!


Pit her in her crib and let her go to sleep…


French braid or put your hair in a bun to sleep.


Don’t cut some off and give it to her!?! Have you ever seen where people get blockages from hair? Just like cats you can’t digest it so it just sits there. Put in a bun or find another way but DON’T let her suck on it or give her some of it!!!


Dont give that baby hair tf… French braid your hair or put it in a bun


We once heard our daughter choking at night in her sleep and she brought up a hair ball. It was her own hair she used to suck so giving her some isn’t a great idea


I either put my hair on a braid or bun at night or depending on how long your hair is, braid it and bun it up!


Is people really that daft… why would you give a 1 year old some hair you need to read the dangers of these things put the child in her cot an give her a snuggie / comforter like a wee teddie with blanket attached… if you give your child a bit of your hair your to blame for the outcome of it.


Give her something else to suck on…Maybe teething ring

You need to stop that so she doesn’t get a blocked bowel. Hair can build up in her digestive track like it does in plumbing pipes.


Do not let her do it or give her hair to chew on😂🤦

I have really long hair. I always have it up so don’t get into it.

This mumma is not cutting it she was joking as I read on the last sentence.

I shaved my head after my son was born and he never even had a problem like this… she’s not to blame… bad parenting is. Choking hazard, can block her bowels, can form a cyst of hair that has to be removed.


My son did the same thing I had to constantly have my hair up or pry it out of his hand and tell him no over and over while trying to replace it with a teddy. It took a while but he eventually got the point

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Get her one of those tag blankets made for babies, she probably just likes the feel. Then put your hair up and out of the way, and tell her no and don’t give in and whatever you do… DON’T GIVE HER SOME OF YOUR HAIR!

Ok. My sister got appendicitis from sucking on her own hair when she was younger. Definitely do not do that… Other than that I’m at a loss for what to do. Maybe try giving her a blanket or a toy that she likes to suck on?

The fact that you need people to tell you not to give your child a clipping of your hair is beyond me. This should be common sense. I must be missing something.


Messy bun or braid your hair. If she swallows any of your hair it doesn’t digest in her stomach and if she has too much in her stomach she’ll have to get it surgically removed since hair can’t digest or pass on from the stomach


Get a grip You are her mother. Stop letting her do it. Say no and put ur hair up out the way, Its that bloody simple.