What can I do to get rid of head lice for good?

Serious question for the mamas, and can you post this Anonymous. But what’s the best way to deal with head lice and get them gone FOR GOOD?! I feel like I’ve tried everything! My son hasn’t got them back but maybe twice. I’ve been battling them on my head for months now! I have semi-long hair, but it’s driving me crazy not being able to get rid of them completely. I’m ready to shave my head, but if I do, I know it’ll destroy the little self-confidence I have. Someone, please tell me what the heck I can do.


Men’s shaving cream …cover with plastic sack for an hour. Works every time

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Dye your hair.lice will be gone instantly


She saved my life with my girls they got her treatment and its been over 3 years and we still never had it since!

Dr they give a shampoo that works great

Tea tree oil!! I swear by it!!

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Tea tree oil shampoo and tea tree oil hair spray… you will never have them again

You can’t just get rid of them for good, you can always catch it again… but mayo smother you head, either leave in over night or let sit 30mins washout completely and then wash your hair with dawn dish soap and then use regular shampoo and conditioner to finish. Depending on how bad the lice is, comb in-between each wash and rinse.

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Dr shampoo is the best. My daughter’s doctor prescribed lice shampoo after a long battle with lice and they were gone instantly

Coke cola let dry on head wash as normal kill lice and nits wash right out

You have to clean the house and wash the bedding and stray what you can’t wash. It is exhausting . But it has to be done at the same time as your hair.

You have to spray and wash your house too. They can live on your bedding and stuff


Dr . There is a new lice that over the counter meds dont work on.

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wash wash wash sweep sweep

my daughter kept getting them repeatedly she was the only one getting them i found out that she was getting them from my babysitter who use to spend the night occasionally and sleep in my daughters bed or on the couch i had to get rid of the bed mattress and the couches in order to get rid of them i found out from my sirdresser that they can live in and on safe surfaces for months because they eat the skin cells no matter how much you treat your head as lond as they are in the furniture you will get them repeatedly

If you have long hair…you should add lots of hair conditioner and comb your hair out. It gets rid off the large bugs.

You could dye your hair to see if it helps. But I would still recommend doing what I say even if you do that to make sure it’s gone.

Get a good lice comb. Like professional quality from a professional that specializes in removing lice.

Mix warm water and conditioner in a spray bottle. Conditioner helps the nits come off your hair easier.
Spray hair generously and comb thoroughly the first day.

Then comb every day, or every other day for two or three weeks until you stop seeing bugs and or nits.

It’s a marathon, not sprint. It sucks, I know. But if you stick with it, the constant combing it will get rid of it.

Coat hair in coconut oil and cover with a shower cap or plastic bag and sleep like that, then take a nit comb through your hair at least 2-3 times…also make sure all bed linens, pillows, pillow cases,etc. are washed in hot water and dried on high heat for at least 60 minutes, all stuffed animals or things you can’t wash or dry needs to be put in garbage bags and sit on your porch or a garage for at least a week…but you are also going to want to go through your hair with the nit comb EVERYDAY for the next 2 -3 weeks you want to make sure you get every nit out of your hair

Tea tree oil in the shampoo and B vitamin supplement. Sometimes a deficiency can attract them. I had lice when I was young and fleas in my hair. I needed vitamin b. Once I took it, never again. And I worked for children’s social services and combed I kid you not prob a million nits out and never got it again