What can I do to help my child with colic?

I have a 2 week old baby and she’s suffering from colics. What remedies did anyone tried? Thank you so much for your help.


Vibrating chair. And all the new mom’s use gripe water.

Have you tried changing the milk?

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Talk to the Dr. Only two weeks, you have to be very careful.

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My first child who is now 17 used to cry constantly. I ask the doctor he said the same thing my mom said change her milk I didn’t. While I was gone she gave her soy milk and all her crying constantly went away. Sometimes grandma knows best.

Tummy time helps with gas, and grip water i use zarbees. But ask the dr with the baby being so little.

Infacol or gripe water and changing teats on bottles to free flo anti colic ones

I had to take my son when he was young like that to the dr we had to put him on really expensive formula to get it to stop good luck it’s miserable all the way around

Colief but only put a few drops in like 1-2oz so you know there getting it .then wind wind wind and if needed a few more ounces…but wind lots .lay on there belly and rub back for a while …my eldest had this and it was awful to hear him screaming.hope he gets better soon

My daughter had colic bad.
Basically they grow out if it but a baby swing and mylican drops helped tremendously

Ask pediatrician that’s very young ? I’d try Avent bottles for colic if your not breastfeeding they’re very good .

Rub Asafoetida(hing) water around babies navel… Dissolve it in warm water n gently massage around navel

I saw a thing where you feed the buba in a seated position to reduce gas… Idk but colic sucks. Hugs

Similac alimentum for formula (unless you’re breastfeeding)
Vibrating chair
White noise machine or youtube “music for colic baby”
Tummy time 4x a day for atleast 1 minute each time
Dr. Browns colic bottles

Idk if they still sale the bottles with the plastic inside. That was the only way for me to keep air out when they take their bottles. Idk about other babies, but keeping air out of the bottle when feeding, worked for me. My baby started sleeping through the night and he wasn’t in pain.

Should really talk to your pediatrician. Every child is different.

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Dr Brown bottles and gripe water helped my 2. Also swaddling seemed to comfort them a bit.

Sure it’s colic and not reflux…

Always used peppermint water. A couple of drops in bottle. Worked wonders for mine and grandchildren

Lay baby on left side rub counterclockwise on tummy or back this helps the digestive system no medication needed just a mon naturally soothing an upset stomach. Use some lavender baby lotion for calming .