What can I do to help my father in law love life again?

I’m seeking advice on what I should do or how I can help my father in law. He is 75, and he lives on his own, Decently healthy. He lives in a house he built 40 years ago, alone. Now with covid restrictions, it’s almost as he’s depressed. We visit him at least two times a week, but his other children live farther away, and we all get busy. He’s bored and feeling extremely lonely. He makes comments about being ready to die. He will die in the house, so I’m not seeking advice about going into an assisted living. My question is, how to keep him enjoying life during this crazy time? How to keep him sociable when we get busy? How are you all helping your stubborn, older family members?


Maybe a pet or a couple chickens something for him to take care of or give him a job to do making something someone needs something to make him feel he has a purpose.


Get him an old English bulldog dog there great fir depression


Frequent video calls. Pets. Introduce him to technology if he is not there yet.

can he join a bowling club and if he don’t want to play he can join as a social member a he might injoy that

Contact your Sr centers, lions clubs, local boy/girl scout troop maybe they could send him cards. Ask neighbors to pop over and chat. Set up a phone or zoom schedule for your family who lives further way. Reach out on your communities FB group looking for people to help keep his spirits up. Encourage him to take walks, or visit the library sometimes a change of scenery helps your mood.

Our “Gramp” was having issues with this especially since covid and my kids have introduced him to some online games they can play against him in and on his own and Netflix. Took a minute to get the ol’ IPad down , but once they got the apps downloaded for him and they started slow, he’s trying new things frequently .They get on and play everything from poker with fake betting to trivia … they are on the phone giving each other a hard time about whose winning etc . It’s good for the boys and Gramp.


Where are you located

Call him, let him listen his favorite music.

Why don’t you get him a rescue dog, a little one to keep him occupied and give him company? My mum is 80 and loves her cat and says she keeps her company and unconditional love. Just a thought? He can take it for walks, it might give him another lease of life and responsibility :slight_smile:


Looking to like an adult day care type deal. he doesn’t exactly have to attend but sometimes they have small get togethers zoom meetings you know different ways to interact during this time

Get him a puppy :grin: will definitely keep him busy. Ask him, what dog he always wanted to have. Surprise him :speak_no_evil:

Take him to a pet rescue. Let him find a friend

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I’m 71 and I still work, sometimes you just have to keep your mind moving and never give up. He should find something to do, something he loves to do. Just saying.


Something he could build perhaps a dog so he gets out with the dog and then he has company too could he make meals for you could he join a walking club or does he know someone that would walk with him socially distanced of course x

Get him involved have grand kids invite him to stuff.

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sign him up on a silver dating sight. Can’t hurt. He just might see someone he likes. Older people are about more than kids and grandkids, much as they love them. He may make an online friend, who age wise has some similar interests, if nothing else.

A tablet and make him a facebook. He can follow his other kids lives and there’s tons of groups for all different things. And memes lol. It might help him feel connected


Introduce him to tik tok I showed an elderly lady this and now she watches every day and loves it

I was just going to echo Shelagh’s comment there are groups that team people of mixed age groups to pal up to chat & it is mutually beneficial. It was on Morning Live on BBC this morning. Very positive I think! I am approaching 70 & though I love my family dearly, it is the unexpected friendships and kindnesses that have been shown to me by my new found friends having moved on 20 March just prior to the first Lockdown!

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