What can I do to help my toddler with his speech problem?

Could yall post this, please? So my oldest son is 2.5, and yesterday I had a speech assessment with a speech therapist. They told us he was moderate to severely behind and that speech development-wise, he was on a level with a one-year-old. He will be seeing them twice a week, but I was wondering what else we can do to help him. Everything I’ve read online just says to speak clearly to him and read to him. That’s stuff I’ve been doing, and I guess it doesn’t work for him. I’ve tried to sit him down and do flashcards and stuff like that, but he hates having to sit still and do stuff like that.


Have you had him checked for a tongue tie?

Keep reading and talking to him, with the help of a therapist, he will get back on track. Both my kids did speech. Good job getting help early!!!

My son is exactly the same. He is 4 now and still only speaks two words at a time. He has been diagnosed with speech delay and has his 1st appointment with the ASD team in my area on March 12th. They still dont know if he is on the spectrum because speech delay is his only real problem.

When he goes to speech therapy the therapist will give you homework to work on with him. It might be repetition of certain words or sounds. Ours always told us to say what we were doing. So for example “Mommy is pouring the milk into Ainsley’s cereal. Now I’m putting it in the fridge.” It helps the kids connect words to actions.


My oldest is 5 and in kindergarten and is actually behind a bit. We make him repeat words a lot to make him say it more clearly but the biggest improvements have been to have him around other children and now that’s he’s in speech therapy he’s been improving on certain sounds a lot. I don’t know where you live but where I’m at he couldn’t start preschool until 4 unless he had some kind of delay or problem in which case they could have taken him at 3. If you can get your kid into preschool they should be able to start speech therapy through the school. At 2 1/2 your son still has plenty of time to excel and get to the stage where he should be at so if you can’t do a lot about it right now I wouldn’t worry about it

I think the biggest thing is encouraging him to try and speak instead of speaking for him. For example, if you know he wants help, before you help him (unless he’s hurt or something) try to encourage him to say “help” or “help please”… and then proceed to helping him. Even if he doesn’t say it properly, that’s okay… it’s the effort and repetition over time that’s going to help his speech. Do this every time. Or if you know he wants something specific… like milk… say the word and get him to repeat it or say “milk please” before you give it to him.
Reading is great but stick to books that aren’t too complicated… get him to say some of the words as you read it.
Also, having him look into a mirror as he speaks can help too as he can see the words being formed with his mouth

Is he around other kids? I ask because my son barely even babbled until I started bringing him to playgrounds and around other kids. Now he babbles all day long and is starting to try to say words.

Sometimes they just need a confidence boost

We just went through the same thing with my son. Mine loves music and actaully learns a lot through it. We also taught his basic sign language for wants and needs. It helped a ton. Just make sure he says the word as well as signing. When he goes to speech therapy, watch how they work with him, and try to do similar things at home. Repetition is going to be your best friend. Its frustrating for everyone, especially the little one that can’t communicate. But it will come in time. I know here in TN, they transition from the state to the school system at 3, and that has helped more than I can say. Just keep working on it mama, he’ll get there :heart:

Have U had his hearing checked again ?

Talk to him, read to him, play audio books… let him hear speech all the time. My son learned to talk from YouTube (he has autism) and he’s now totally verbal. There is an app for iPad called Injini which is amazing for developing early speech xxx

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My son started speech therapy when he was 3, he only knew a few words like mommy, daddy, ball etc. He kinda had his own little language going on and it would really upset him that we would never know what he was saying. He really didn’t start talking complete sentences until he started kindergarten and he continues having speech twice a week at school. He still struggles in some areas but his progress has been so phenomenal to watch over the past few years. It’s been a long stressful journey but as long as you help him practice between sessions that will also help tremendously.

Have you gotten his hearing checked?

My son is the same age and also quite behind. He has seen speech once and is supposed to have a follow up soon. Speech will give you lots of good tips I’m sure. One thing I’ve noticed that is helping him is reading the SAME book over and over. Like for a week I read the same one every day plus whatever ones he wants to pick out. I also make everything into a little song lol which makes me look like a crazy person but he likes it and learns words better that way (example. When I go to give him a bath I sing “it’s time for a bath. Bath bath bath”. And he now tries to sing it. Or making a sandwich I sing the “peanut butter jelly time” song. That kind of thing. Keeping things silly. ). Good for you for getting him seen by speech!

He’s still little, try not to worry too much, play him loud music and ty to dance and sing songs.

Id suggest getting a book of funny jokes and tongue twisters. Make it a game to teach your child the sillest ones and encourage them to repeat it back to you. Smiles, laughter all around.

The speech therapist will give you suggestions.

Once he starts speech you will see a ton of improvement. My son started speech last year at 2 only saying one syllable words and now hes 3 and talking in full sentences.

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In addition to his homework from so speech therapy find an activity he likes to do and while doing it constantly point out objects and there name and have him repeat them
My son had the same problem and loved to go to the zoo near our house so I took him almost weekly and called put the names of the animals and he enjoyed repeating there names
There were other activities he did with older children that helped him also.

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Take him to the dentist.my youngest daughter didn’t speak much found out when she got her permanent teeth spoke just fine.