What can I do to help my toddler with mosquito bites?

Question my two and a half year old gets the worse mosquito bites any tops on repellant for a toddler? Also Any remedies for the itching I use hydrocortisone cream but it doesn’t last that long Thank you


Try putting/rubbing minty toothpaste on your toddlers mosquito bites before bed. I do that for mine because I get so itchy and swell and it works well for me… I wake up the next day and they don’t itch.

I usually do calamine lotion and put baby powder on top while it’s still wet.


Avon skin so soft oil spray. There’s no chemicals and it works amazingly well!


I use the body fantasies vanilla body spray from walgreens or walmart. The bugs are so bad around here and it works better then bug spray.

Skin so soft from Avon and body fantasies to repel the bugs calamine lotion to help prevent itching

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For the itching just rub deodorant over the bite. It sounds weird but works great also good for ant bites

Mosquitos don’t care for almond oil…

Believe it or not when I was younger my dad used to put clear nail polish over them It stopped them from itching and it stopped me from scarring from scratching them

I have heard of putting peppermint essential oils in a spray bottle with water a spray the kiddo down I have not tried yet but plan on it

Neem oil, natural n very effective …coming from a mommy who has moved to Africa😊

The bug bite thing! You can order it off amazon for like 10 bucks. It is amazing! I’m in Florida and our mosquitoes are like prehistoric dinosaurs​:woman_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:

My daughter has bad reactions to the bites. The dr said to mix equal parts of benadryl and hemorrhoidal cream. The next day they are gone.

Lavender, eucalyptus, and/or tea tree oil and to soothe bites afterbite cream or make a baking soda paste.

Spray listerine anywhere the kids will be playing and the mosquitoes will stay away like its the plague

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Avon they also have spray to relieve the skin. I use Avon mosquito spray on my son cause he can’t even step outside without getting ate up.

There is spray benadryl which can be helpful. When she first starts to scratch tell her to use hand sanitizer instead of scratching. Generally if she does this every time it itches after a few times it will quit bothering her.

Avon skin so soft. You can use it for little ones as young as 6 months old and they also make it as sun screen/bug spray as well.

I had such bad reaction when I was little I’d get a steroid shot from doctor

Also, I second Avon skin so soft