What can I do to produce more milk?

I just had my baby a day ago, and I’m not producing enough milk. What can I do? she weighed 4.4 kg at birth.

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Just keep nursing/pumping. It can take an average of 5 days for milk to fully come in

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Fenugreek capsules and mothers milk tea

Your milk hasn’t even came in yet momma. It takes 3-5 days for it to mature. You’re producing colostrum which is exactly what the baby needs. Remember their stomach is as tiny as a cherry.

Latch babe as much as possible. Skin to skin.


Amd regularly feedings and pumping every two hours

Give it time… milk doesn’t come in immediately


Stick with it. Takes a couple of days to fully come in.

.5-2oz pumped a session is normal just fyi

Drink TONS of water…like in the 100oz range tons.
Eat oatmeal

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Abuelita hot chocolate with milk

It takes a couple days for milk to come in. Continue feeding every 2-3 hours. The baby will lose some weight at first but that is also normal. Your milk will come in fully in a couple days.


Drink lots of water.

You need a nurse or pump every 2 to 3 hours, skin to skin and drink lots of water but it does take 3-5 days for your milk to come in.

Hopefully your dr and nurse can guide you. Your milk is just starting to come in. As time goes on your milk supply will increase. Be patient, keep nursing and everything will work out.

Your milk hasn’t even come in yet your baby will only be getting collustrum for the first few days. Your milk will most likely not come in till day 3-5

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Buy lactation cookies and drink lots of water also remember u are only producing what baby needs right now he’s stomach is tiny and fills up quick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck and blessings

My nurses said at first even just a few drops is good enough. I wasn’t even producing a drop and like 4 days later I was making 3oz total an hour. Then my pump broke and I couldn’t get another so I just had to stop.

Feed and then pump right after.

Your milk can take a few days to come in. I remember feeling troubled that I wasn’t making milk immediately as well. Lots of oats carbs and water helped me. They also make lactation cookies that are delicious

Keep breast feeding the