What can I do to produce more milk?

Coconut water helped me tons because its keeps you super hydrated. Also pumping every 2 hours for the first few weeks

Cholusterum needs to be in her belly

Nurse nurse nurse! Your still establishing milk nurse as much as possible. They say not to pump in the early days but you could try it if you feel you need to.
If you haven’t met with a lactation specialist I highly reccomend you do. I had issues on my bf journey and she saved my supply 3times.
Don’t forget that skin to skin contact is very important to produce milk as well. Eat oatmeal every morning. Remember you have to consume more calories, if I remember right you need 450 extra more in a day.
I loved my haaka too, you can use on the other side of your nursing lo.
Hand rubbing and expression is very stimulating.

One thing I learned AFTER nursing my son was that if your worried about lo not getting enough due to latch issues, you can hand express onto a spoon and give to baby that way. … They usually go to that at first bc they want the baby to establish a good latch.
… Definitely please seek out a lactation specialist. Mine spent almost 4hrs helping me and I will never regret it


Feed regularly, and make sure you wake baby in the night to feed. Drink enough water and make sure you’re eating enough calories. You should eat about 500 calories a day more than you would normally for your weight. There is a nutrition tracking app called Chronometer that has a function to adjust for breastfeeding. Lactation cookies are also a great way to get those calories. This recipe is pretty easy and very good.

A fed baby is best if you don’t produce use formula. I was never able to produce enough with any of my kids and I did EVERYTHING even had a lactation nurse.


All your baby needs is colostrum in the first few days. Babys tummy is tiny and your milk will take a few days to come in


Talk to your dr about potentially starting domperidone

I used to drink lot of fresh milk when breastfeeding…

Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Beware of anything with fenugreek in it. For some it boosts supply and for others it completely depletes it. Give it some time. Don’t be afraid to supplement with formula.

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Honestly… If you just had your baby a day ago, just wait. Your milk will slowly start to come in over the next few days. The more you keep offering the boob, the better. Right now your body is producing colostrum, which is like liquid gold for your baby. It won’t seem like much but a few drops here and there, but every little drop is worth it. Make sure you’re super hydrated, and keep breastfeeding even if you don’t think you’re producing anything. The act of your baby suckling will help your milk come in. Skin-to-skin contact also encourages milk production. You can also start pumping in between nursing, which will help trick your body into producing more. Eat lots and drink lots!

If you still feel like you’re not producing enough, you can try products like Mother’s Milk Tea or lactation cookies (Munchkin makes YUMMY ones, found at Target). Anything with fenugreek and milk thistle will help a lot! In the meantime, you can always supplement with a little bit of formula to make sure your baby is getting the proper nutrition. I say this because my son wasn’t latching well, and I wasn’t producing enough the first few days, and his blood sugar dipped dangerously low… So low that he had to be sent to NICU. I had been SO AGAINST formula, but looking back I wish we supplemented!!! Good luck and congrats!


Your body will produce more as your baby needs more, stay away from caffeine, and stay hydrated. Also I was told fresh garlic daily helps. A breast pump also helps, after the baby eats pump for just a minute or two at first.

I breastfeed 6 kids I always drank hot tea or beer. Lol. But hot tea is #1

Eat a diet high in Omegas.

My midwives told me that you just have to let baby suckle. The more the feed today, the more you produce tomorrow.

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You’re not producing milk at all right now. You’re only producing colostrum. Colostrum is VERY important for your new baby. It comes in small bits so your baby will want to feed a lot. Your actual breastmilk will come in in about a week. Just breastfeed your baby as much as possible. The more you nurse and pump the more milk you’ll make. Your body signals to make enough supply to keep up with the demand.


Try a dark beer - sometimes helps milk drop. Other than that, don’t stress about it, if you don’t have enough milk you don’t have enough milk. Perfectly normal for some. If you have to put baby on formula, then thats what you do. I understand it might not be desirable or ideal - however, its better than baby going hungry. Good luck. My wife and I had to use formula for our kids - don’t feel bad about it. It just is what it is.


Y’all are all wonderful, great advice! Drink lots of fluids your milk will come in when it comes in, like others said, breast or bottle is not best, fed is best! And enjoy that baby congrats!

Your milk doesn’t come in from anywhere in the 3 to 7 day range. Your babys stomach is the size of a marble trust me your are making enough. All the cluster feedings your baby is doing right now is telling your body it needs milk.

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Tuck in with baby and nurse on demand. Your milk will come in after a couple of days. Be patient and relax.

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