What can I do to reward a potty training 21 month old?

Does potty training treat ideas for a 21-month-old? Besides stickers. I was thinking mini m&M’s but wasn’t sure if it would be a choking hazard or not. Thanks in advance!


I used gummy bears, or fruit snacks. I bought sugar free when possible.

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Use their favorite candy or drink or have a small box of $1 toys n let them pick one when they use the bathroom.

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If they eat solid food M&Ms shouldnt be an issue

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Make a little treasure box. Put stickers, tattoos, little toys(that he won’t choke), stamps, little coloring books, etc.

Throw cherrios or m&m into the potty and tell them to aim at itm the acid in the urine well deterate the color and change the pee colors lol… Or if they understand what potty means for pee time tell them to go have fun and pee on a tire or the tree they think it’s fun and they’ll catch on cause they think it’s fun for peeing in a tree lol… For a bit anyways, I have a boy and that my routine, so for a girl I’m not sure

My sisternlaw would use m&ms for when they went but just 2

A treat they don’t usually get
A reward style chart where at the end they get their desired gift.

I did a star board and every time my son would go he would get to choose a color star and put it on himself. I also got him some toy story undies which made him more excited to use them.

We give a single regular m&m and my 22 month old dose fine with those.

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I used cheap matchbox cars for my son. Worked wonders

Just mini marshmallows. I kept a jar in each bathroom. She got one for trying and two for going. It quickly became valuable currency.

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Prize box with dollar tree stuff

We used hot wheel cars and cycled through them :rofl: never noticed either because there were someone different ones!

I give my 15 month old either mini rice Krispy treats or pieces of popcorn.

We did M&m over Halloween 2

My daughter gets m&ms and dum dum suckers we just watch her while she eats then

Just make a big deal out of it be happy and excited, best reward is big kid panties/underwear. After they use the potty let them wear the big kid undies. If they go all day accident free then give them a treat, all week a bigger treat, the treat can be their favorite meal, a special dessert, or they get to pick the tv shows for an hour during family time.

Little girls maybe washable nail polish the more you wash your hands the quicker it comes off and then you can reapply it

Smarties. Buy a pack from the dollar store and put them in a little jar. You can also do dollar store toys like hot wheels if they do like 10 pees and poops.

My son was having a hard time potty training so we bought him his favorite toys at the time. So he got each toy story characters. If he filled out a 24 sticker chart. :slight_smile: