What can I do to up my milk supply?

Hi, I’m a first-time mom & my baby is about to be a month old. We have been exclusively breastfeeding since she was born, but lately, I noticed my milk supply has dropped. I pump not more than an ounce when I pump & my baby seems hungry all the time, and she’s always frustrated when she’s latched on the boob. I’m exhausted & thinking of giving up breastfeeding but that is my last choice…


Usually it isnt because your milk supply went down but more rather baby hit a growth spurt. About week 3 and week 6 they have seemingly bit ones. However, ifnyournsuplly has week down, the same recommendations would be given for both low supply and growth spurts. Nursing more, makes more (easier said than done I know). But really, the more you do, even if it feels like you don’t have any milk in there, lots of stimulation will eventually produce more. There are other things like people suggest like mother’s milk tea, and fenugreek capsuls, hut I have never used them and I know some say they should be not be used. Lactation ideas that worked for me were oatmeal and lots of water. You can find lactation cookie recipes on the internet all over. However, nursing more often and never skip feedings is the most recommended.


It may be your supply dropping, but it could also be the baby is eating more and your body has to catch up. (It will!!!) It’s important not to let yourself get stressed out. Drink tons and I’m sure some mamas can recommend specific foods/supplements. Good luck.

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It takes almost two months for your breast to establish the milk supply. If your baby is gaining weight I’m certain you’re doing a good job. Nursing is very difficult, specially right where you are in it. One month in is hard times. Remember how much formula costs and you might decide to keep trying. I say keep trying. Though everyone will understand if you don’t. And I never could get the pump to work for me, just couldn’t relax for it. Sometimes oatmeal or peanut butter can help some, but it’s mostly about getting a proper latch and learning how to relax and let the milk flow. Big hugs darlin, keep trying is best, but you know what’s best for you. FYI chocolate, coffee, onions, definitely do not make good milk.

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She may be having a growth spurt and is taking more milk per feeding. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids and let her nurse often to increase your production. You can also supplement with formula without giving up breastfeeding. Baby will be happy with both as long as her belly is full. Happy baby equals well rested Mama.

My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks and I noticed a dip in my supply right around 3-4 weeks. There is actually a point in time where you experience a decrease after the engorgement period where your body is trying to establish just how little it can produce to meet demand. This isn’t something that many women are told about! Don’t worry!!! It goes back up. During that time I was advised to pump after each feeding (even if nothing came out I pumped for 5-10 minutes each side), drown yourself in water (seriously felt like my eyes were floating) and nurse on demand even if she just ate 10 minutes ago. I tried mother’s milk tea but I didn’t use it for more than 2 days because I noticed I got raging headaches and my daughter got insane gas. Both stopped after I stopped drinking the tea. But, everything else worked. It was exhausting… but my milk supply is back up, baby is gaining weight and I’m usually able to pump an additional 2-4 ounces after she is done eating to slowly build up my frozen supply. Keep in mind that breastfed babies don’t usually eat as much in a session as formula fed babies and they eat more frequently because breast milk is easier to digest for them so runs through faster. At least that’s what my lactation consultant and research has said. Try not to get discouraged. Also, when pumping, try to have her where you can see her or have a picture of her you can look at. It sounds weird… but I noticed I am able to pump more out doing that because it helps with the let down process. Also, you might think your “empty” when you’re not. There have been few times I thought I had nothing left and my daughter proved me wrong by spitting out a mouthful before latching right back on. And remember… FED is best. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do decide to switch to formula and don’t let anyone give you grief about it. I only made it a week and a half breastfeeding my son before giving up and he’s healthy as can be. I’m going to breastfeed my daughter as long as I can but I have no problem switching to formula if I need to.

Warm baths! Also I have seen people nurse with baby in the bath tub!


Drink plenty of fluids…and EAT. You can lose weight later. Just by breastfeeding, it will help you lose weight.

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I had this problem. When my son was 5 weeks I was forced to go with a bottle because he refused my boob all the time. Wouldn’t even try latching at one point.

Oatmeal cookies and mother’s milk tea!!! Try not to stress you are doing good mama!


It was the night nursing for us that kept the supply up. Exhausting, but once you master the laying down nursing it will change your life!

It’s probably baby eating more. Nurse often, try power pumping, keep hydrated and eat lactation cookies!

Power pumping can be done once or twice a day. 20 minute pump. 10 minute rest. 10 minute pump. 10 minute rest. 10 minute pump. It takes time but it helps boost your milk supply!

Homemade soup makes the best breast milk :blush: and drink a lot of fluids

Girl, eat and drink as much as possible. And continue to take your vitamins. Everything you eat and drink goes straight to the baby. I breastfed my youngest. It was hard at first but the more the baby eats, the more the milk will come in. But you have to keep yourself fed and taken care of also. When my baby was a little over a month old she was eating so much. I gave her a little rice cereal. But I made it a little runny with breast milk. It helped keep her full. Because she wanted to me be her human pacifier. Lol. Dont give up though, because it’s so good for your baby. And he or she will be the healthiest kid when they get older. :heart::pray:

I had the same problem when I hit 8 weeks of breastfeeding :roll_eyes: I tried it all and nothing would up my supply so I decided to move to formula. Whatever you decide to do just know a fed baby is a happy baby. Whether it be breast or formula.

also relax and stop stressing that effects milk. If a La leche league in your area contact them. great organization


You can definitely pump more, but I noticed with my baby it wasn’t the milk supply that went down, my breast milk was very thin and watery. I was told by a pediatrician to start taking a supplement called fenugreek milkflow booster which she used with her little one. It has done wonders for my flow and the milk is also thicker. It’s all natural too, hope this helps.

Pump one boob while you nurse the other. Keep switching until your completely empty. Let your baby bottle drink the pumped milk at the end of your session to fill her up.


I’m right there with you

Hydrate!! Lots of water, Gatorade, body armour, Powerade, etc. Guzzle up. No pills, supplements or tricks will help better than drinking water.