What can I do to up my milk supply?

I seen this a few days ago
Also cluster feeding is definitely normal at that age. It’s riding but it’ll pass. I ebf my daughter. Drinking a LOT of water and staying hydrated helps with milk production.

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Cluster feeding is normal
And pumping is not an accurate gage on how much you are producing, a pump cannot effectively clear out a breast.
As long as your baby is having wet diapers she is fine.

Cluster feeding is definitely frustrating but it’s temporary.


Probably cluster feeding as the baby is also growing

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My SIL swore by body armour drinks and lactation cookies


I had that problem with my second so my doctor said to feed different breast at each feeding instead of both. And to put hot towels on my breast twice a day. It worked

I had to eat oatmeal every morning

I swear by oatmeal cookies and organic Nursing tea plus you do have to try to stay relaxed and calm, stress will affect the supply!

https://milkology.org/content/lactation-cookies-recipe-easy these lactation cookies worked for me… my supply went way down while taking decongestants after Covid… was fun to try different kinds of pudding mixes with them. Also stay hydrated… vitamin water and body armour were my friends. And if you can pump more between feedings that might help too. Good luck mama!

My dear old dad used to buy me raw peanuts to eat

Extended pumping. Even after your milk stops flowing, keep the pump on. After a few minutes it will stimulate another letdown. Your breasts are never fully empty and they are always producing. Sometime I used to pump 20-30 minutes and have 3 letdowns. Over time, your body will get used to it and produce more and more.

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Not sure if you follow pedsdoctalk on Instagram or not, but she has a podcast and I just listened to the breastfeeding episode where she has a lactation consultant one. I’ll be a second time mom in a few day, but did not have success breastfeeding with my first. It was really helpful information!

If you feel baby is hungry and not getting enough breastmilk, supplement with formula. Don’t let them starve while you figure out what to do.


Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Fenugreek and blessed thistle

Let baby nurse on demand and pump in between. The more milk you empty, the more milk your breasts make.

Get in touch with your local Le Leche League, or ask your OBGYN for references for a lactation consultant or for nurses who specialize in breast feeding

If baby is wetting 4 or more diapers a day and gaining weight, they’re getting enough. If diapers are dry and losing weight, you might want to supplement with formula. But only supplement if they are losing weight and not wetting diapers. The more you supplement, the less you are going to feed, the less you feed the less you make

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Growth spurt! She’s cluster feeding and your body knows what to do! Stay extra hydrated and keep your head up mama you’re doing great! Especially if you’ve exclusively breastfed this far! YOU CAN DO IT! Don’t give up!! It’s so hard but you got this!


One thing that works is also pumping on a schedule too. For example, I only pumped to empty my breasts after my baby ate with my first child, and my breatfeeding journey didn’t last a month. With my second, I set an alarm and pumped every 4 hours and if baby ate between the 4 hours, I’d pump to empty the breast. Ended up with over 400 ounces in the freezer. They also have lactation cookies and people swear by the armour drinks. Good luck. And just remember, even if you have to formula feed, fed is best!!!

i agree growth spurt but breast feeding isnt easy i had 4kids and it never got any easier the more u feed the better ur supply should get make sure u drink plenty try some stout if u like it supposed to b good but in all if u have to give up dont feel guilty bub has to b fed and it wont matter how if its making u feel bad give a bottle u tried thats all u can say or suppliment with a bottle

Cluster feed your babe is probably hungry because she’s going through a growth spurt. Unless your pumping because you work I would wait to supplement. Just keep cluster feeding. Growth spurts will sometimes confused moms and think they don’t have enough supply. (Not always the case). But very common.
Keep an eye on wet diapers. And stay hydrated and eat oatmeal every morning. And relax stress can drop your supply.
Also keep an eye on wake windows babies are frustrated when they are overtired too.

Soft breasts does NOT mean you aren’t making enough milk. Your body is finally just getting regulated to you & your babies needs!

I know it sounds weird but put cabbage on ur nipples it helps bring the milk out I tried it once an my milk was flowing lol

Growth spurt! Also your baby is a lot more efficient at getting milk out than a pump will ever be so don’t let that discourage you! If you keep nursing on demand, when this growth spurt ends, everything will level out.
The first three months are the hardest but if you stick with it, it becomes even more rewarding.
I also have some tea that helped me. I have some extra I can ship to you if you see this you can message me your address and I’ll send it your way!
You are doing great momma!

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