What can I do to up my milk supply?

Just because you are pumping less does not mean your making less!! Your baby sounds like she is at the age of a growth and will feed more often to signal you to make more milk. Give it a week or so and you will notice she will settle. You may not pump the same. You have a over supply when bubs is born until your body learns how much you need. Pumping for more then 15mins each side will signal your boobs as if bubs has just feed. Any less then 10mins and they won’t stimulate.
Keep up the good work!! Don’t stop your doing amazing!

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Make sure you are getting enough to drink.

are you taking breast feeding support tabs from chemist they help heaps :slight_smile:

Your milk supply will seem like it’s lessening but it’s more so like it’s leveling out. As long as baby is having wet diapers and gaining weight they are getting enough

I use nuun tablets for electrolytes , always get plenty to eat… My little was non Stop on the boob for the 1st year… He cluster fed and didn’t sleep well that whole time too lol… A nice hot shower w water on your chest and lots of massaging can help. I never noticed a difference or had discomfort in my breasts. The biggest thing for me was relaxing and letting ny little man get my body working right… It drives me insane but when he pokes at the other boob while nursing it stimulates the milk so I’ve commited to coping with it. Also lots of skin to skin and general snuggles helps your body too. Good luck…

Check your latching on properly. I screwed it up at first. Mine also loved suckling without eating! Go to a clinic or just check the head is back and the nose is clear of your boob. I found rugby (football) hold where you have the baby under your arm really helped to. You latch on and then move them back into the right position. I nearly gave up when you did but ended up doing bf for nineteen months.

Congratulations to you for choosing to breastfeed your precious baby. It is such an amazing bonding experience and so so good for your baby.
Don’t stress yourself your body will adjust to what baby needs.
Stay hydrated and eat a well balanced diet. My kids’ great grandma told to eat oatmeal to help increase my milk supply. That’s what they did before lactation cookies and things. She said good old fashioned rolled oats with milk, cinnamon and honey to sweeten it and worked great for me!! Almost too well… I breastfed my 3rd son exclusively till he was 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

Drink a glass of water ever time u feed and try the football hold for a better latch also you should have a lactation consultant in the area who can help its good to set up because she can see and help identify where you may be having issues hang in there mama it is such a rewarding journey I promise

I heard drinking the body armor drinks helps

Be sure to hydrate. Oatmeal also helped me a lot.

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The more you pump the more your supply will increase. In all honesty though… Formula works. Don’t knock yourself for not being able to breastfeed as long as you intended. You did awesome!


Make sure you are eating and drinking enough yourself. Also, try contacting a lactation consultant. You can find one either at your pediatricians office or your local WIC office (I’d start here first). Never be afraid to supplement a DHA formula in between feedings to give yourself that extra time to replenish yourself.

My son was born premature and always bottle fed. I know you want to breastfeed and that is good but if you are always exhausted and your child is hungry, then you need to bottle feed the child. You are not a failure or less of a woman or less of a mom simply because you have to bottle feed. I think we hold moms up to this impossible standard and it’s not a contest. The important thing is that your daughter gets the nutrients she needs. As for why your milk supply may be dropping, it could just be your hormones adjusting or the fact that you are exhausted. Talk to your doctor or a lactation nurse/consultant.


Mother’s Milk tea, eating oatmeal and Upspring(its a powder that taste like chocolate milk), you can find at Target all helped me out. I also concur with lots of fluids too. Good luck Mama!

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I agree with all of the previous comments. Drinking enough fluids is huge but so is sleep! I know it’s easier than said but sleep when baby sleeps. This being your first you actually have the luxury to be able to do so. Keep pumping after nursing. But don’t kill yourself, just do it for 5 minutes per side. I breastfed all three of mine and I could never pump milk out. It was just a psychological thing for me. I didn’t work so at least I didn’t need to stock up. And if you have to supplement with formula that’s okay too! In fact, it can give others a time to bond with baby also. As long as your baby is getting some breast milk then they are getting the benefits. Most importantly, fed is best!!


Sounds like the 1 month growth spurt and cluster feeding. If babe is latched regularly and frequently that would be why you’re not getting much when pumping. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have low supply. Make sure you’re eating well and drinking lots. You could always top off with a bottle of breast milk or formula if you think babe isn’t getting enough but if weight gain and diaper output are good then you’re good to go. Hang in there and in the long run if it doesn’t work out then that’s ok too.

My supply dried up 2 two months in, and no matter what I tried nothing really worked. I started mixing formula with what breast milk I could get and things got way better.

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I didn’t produce enough milk for either of my children. If you try all the things suggested above, and it doesn’t help, it might just have to do with hormones. Remember, fed is best.


Tons of water, night nursing, relax…baby has wet and poopy diapers?? You have a higher supply in the beginning. It regulates to your baby’s actual need about a month in. Keep with it Momma.